Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1125

Instantly, it was so quiet that the only sounds that could be heard were the crash of the waves against the shore.

Everyone stared at Luna in shock. No one expected that a perfect birthday celebration would turn out like this…

Nellie stared at the scene in front of her eyes dazedly, nearly bursting into tears of anxiety. Actually, hers and Nigel’s disappearance, and the note, were both her ideas. Daddy actually opposed this idea, saying that Mommy would not like it, that she would be anxious and worried. But she thought this was the best plan. Under her insistence, Daddy finally agreed. And now…Mommy slapped Daddy !

She jogged to Luna’s side anxiously and grabbed her hand. ”Mommy, don’t be mad, actually I came up with this idea, not Daddy ! If you’re mad, just get mad at me. Daddy just wanted you to be happy… ”

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