Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1121

Joshua was sent to the emergency room and hospitalized for three whole days. When he awoke once more, he received a call from Nellie.

“Daddy.“ From the other end of the phone, the little girl’s cute whine drifted into his ears. “Do you remember what day it is tomorrow?“

Lying on the hospital bed, Joshua took a glimpse at the calendar on the wall and narrowed his eyes slightly. “It’s your Mommy’s birthday.“

He never forgot Luna’s birthday. When they were still married, every year he wanted to give her a proper celebration. But when the day arrived, he felt that his preparations were too pretentious and overly affectionate, so in the end, he would always throw the present at her casually, telling her that it was just a random purchase. Where in fact…every present he gifted her was chosen carefully by him.


Deep down, he was actually delighted to see her hold the present in excitement and addressed him as ‘dear But in the past, his pride as a man made him feel as if falling in love with her easily was something to be ashamed of. That was why he never formally celebrated her birthday with her, he never even wished her a happy birthday.

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