Promising Son-in-Law

Chapter 31 The purchase program

Doris replied to Bar Martin with a serious face, “What?”

“I need a female companion to attend a banquet with me. May I ask you to go?” Barr Martin smiled at her.

“I have a husband.”

“It doesn’t matter,” Barr did not care about it at all, “Doesn’t he mean nothing to you?”

Eva Gray nodded her head and said: “Of course! You’ll get divorced sooner or later!”

Back then, she thought the chairman of the Marquis group was the best candidate for her future son-in-law, but it had been too long, which made Eva believed that compared with the secret chairman, Barr Martin who was right in front of her was more practical.

“Mom, I said I had no plan on divorcing.”

Doris was fully aware of the change of Colin Ward, and she found that her husband was not so unendurable. She intended to accept Colin and be with him as a real couple.

Her words pissed Eva off though, “Colin Ward is just a piece of shit! Look at your father! He’s a loser, too! Look at me now! I’m telling you, with this kind of man, your life will be miserable!”

Baker Lee: “...”

“Colin Ward is not a loser, mom. This house and my car, he bought them both! And he has a job now!”

Doris tried to prove her husband was qualified, but Eva just did not care.

“So what? What about his salary? Can he support his family? This house and that car didn’t mean anything! The money he used might even be a loan!”

Hearing this, Doris just bit her lips tightly. She knew Eva could not be reasoned right now, because ultimately, her mother just despised Colin’s family background and did not believe at all that her husband would have the ability.

“She’s going. I’ll make the call for her.” Eva turned to Barr and said.

Doris was going to say something more, while Barr Martin cut in, “Doris, don’t worry. It’s only a banquet, and nothing more. You’ll do this favor for me, right?”

“Doris, he just promised to help you, but look at you now! Just do the man the favor!” Eva spoke to her daughter.