Promising Son-in-Law

Chapter 14 Call me uncle

Fox was stunned, and then his face became worse.

Yes, this was Doris's home. He really didn't have the qualification to let Colin get out!

Eva and Baker sat on the sofa in the living room and did not refute Colin's words.

If Eva had heard these before, she would have ridiculed Colin. But now the situation was different. Fox was an outsider!

After a while, Eva snorted coldly, "let him in. I'd like to see if the person who has occupied the credit of Doris is shameless?"

Fox walked in and said, "there is something urgent in the company. I want to find Doris."

"Doris is ill and is resting." Eva replied.

Baker didn't speak, but he just looked at Fox.

Fox has been angry,"it is really urgent. If it is delayed, I don't think you can afford it! If Doris is not allowed to come out, you... "

"I told you that Doris was sick. What a shame on you!" Eva said angrily.

Fox was furious but he could bare it.

The old Mr. Lee gave orders. If he didn't let Doris to go back, his family would have to get out of Lee family!

But he was really going to apologize to that bitch?

He can't do it!

All of a sudden, Fox's eyes brightened. He thought of something.

"Colin, you either repay the money borrowed from me now or let Doris come out."

Eva and Baker were stunned.

They almost forgot it. It was for the money that Doris wanted to sell their house.

Although it was Colin who borrowed money, Colin their son-in-law and has not divorced Doris. They were still family. Fox letting Colin pay back the money was equal to let them to pay back the money.

Eva's eyes were full of disgust and dissatisfaction. Even if he has changed in the few days, he was still a rubbish!

At this time, Doris opened the door, "what's the emergency?"