President’s Twins: Buy One, Get One Free

Chapter 257: Which Prize Do You Want?

It was the liveliest time of the night. People living in the neighborhood were out for a walk after dinner. The stage in front of the supermarket was surrounded by people very quickly.

“Our supermarket is organizing an event today. The first prize is a Giant bicycle. The second prize is a box of chocolates. The third prize is a huge teddy bear. There are also all kinds of prizes for the participants. As long as a male and a female made up a team, the team could participate in the event no matter if the members are a couple. Welcome to participate in the event.”

The overdressed emcee held up a megaphone and wore a suit with chicken feathers on it. He looked like he came from a wedding company on short notice to come here to host the event.

“We still need two more couples. Anyone else wants to join?”

“Do you want to go?” Joseph asked while looking down.

Hayden pondered for a moment and shook her head hesitantly, “No, let’s go back home. We need to go back fast. We can buy the chocolates next time.”

Hayden knew that the supermarkets here had a lot of strange ways for the participants to participate in the events. She didn’t want to be embarrassed and she felt like it’s better not to go.

After walking a couple of steps away, a soft voice sounded behind them, “Handsome, are you alone? I am alone too. Can we pair up to join the event? We can share the prize in half then.”

Hayden's heart throbbed for a moment. She turned around to look at the girl who wore her hair in a bun. She looked like she was in her early twenties. She looked at Joseph with an expectant face.

Hayden felt that she was not there to ask Joseph for help, but it seemed like she admired Joseph looking at her eyes.

“I…” Joseph frowned. It seemed like he didn’t know how to reject her request.

“Can you help me, handsome? You look like you are very warm-hearted. Please… I want that bicycle so much as I study in Higher Education Mega Centre near here. If we can get the first prize, I will transfer half of the money for the bicycle to you using WeChat”

The little girl was a great pamperer. She pursed her lips and twisted her waist, like a living little goblin.

“Sorry, we’re going to participate in the event too. We are just looking for a place to put our things first.”

Hayden interrupted their conversation with a nonchalant voice. She shoved the supermarket shopping bag she was carrying into Joseph’s hand directly and said deliberately in front of the little girl, “Carry it. I have no strength to carry it anymore.”

The smile on the little girl’s face suddenly froze. She coughed humourlessly to cover up her embarrassment, “Ahem, so sorry. I didn’t see you, madam. I’ll go find someone else.”

Did she call Hayden “madam”?

Hayden was very angry.

was a handsome man in his thirties “handsome” but called her “madam”? What was wrong with your

something, the little girl walked into the crowd and

again, “We still need one more pair. Is there anyone else who wants


hand. His tall figure stood out in

her consciousness, she was dragged onto the

they were waiting for the event to start, she lowered her voice and asked Joseph,

Joseph told her, “Twenty-five.”

asking you how old am I. I’m asking

girl just call you “handsome”,

the college nearby. She’s really


understand what she meant. She must be blind

the conversation between the two of them when Joseph didn’t understand Hayden’s words. The sound from the speakers on both sides of the stage was extremely loud and

our game are that men and women stand together and the woman cannot touch the ground. The five couples started to play the game in turn and every couple must have a different pose. If the couple can’t think of a pose, the couple

of the game, Hayden’s face turned gloomy.

at her

lowered her voice, “Or maybe we can quit the

him, the emcee had already

group over here. This handsome

single step to leave there, Joseph had hugged her up and her body was in the

under the

moment. Then soon she found that Joseph had hugged her up tightly and

to look at her as if he was

from looking at him and blushed. She seriously doubted whether Joseph had known the rules

in his arms and one of the women who was quite short sat on the shoulder of her boyfriend. The last pair of the couple was the funniest, probably because they couldn’t think of a position, so the man directly held

burst into laughter, “He looks like he is trying to coax

get down. She punched on the man’s chest hard

The emcee

can hold this pose for a minute and then switch to the next set of poses. Still got forty seconds

tilted her head and looked at Joseph’s chin, “What about the pose

already ended. Hayden was stunned when Joseph had already put her down. He held

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