As soon as he spoke, everyone looked in our direction.

The next second, you'll see me.

The ugliest face is Qin Jiameng. She stares at me, her forehead is slightly raised, her hands are holding tightly, but she still keeps smiling and says, "elder sister, Qingxuan, how are you two together?"


"I met them downstairs, and they came up together."

While I was still thinking about how to say it, I heard Ji Qingxuan behind me saying it.

His words made my heart tighten.

I can't help sneering.

Also, what am I thinking? In front of Qin Jiameng, Ji Qingxuan will certainly leave everything behind with me.

"So..." Qin Jiameng's expression recovered a little.

Because of this lie, I have enough confidence to ask them, "Why are you here? It's the sun coming out in the West

Qin Jiameng took a look at Qin CI in the ward. Her eyes drooped and she cried a little. "In the middle of the night, the doctor contacted us and said that grandma's condition was not good. Let's come here."

"Midnight? Why didn't the doctor inform me? "

I don't even know!

When I said this, a doctor just came over and immediately explained, "yesterday we went to call you. This gentleman opened the door and said you were resting."


When the doctor finished, the atmosphere of the whole corridor fell into silence.

The doctor seemed to see that it was not right, so he turned and left.

Qin Jiameng looks up and looks at Ji Qingxuan, tears fall down, "Qingxuan, what's the matter?" Then he looked at me, "sister, why do you want to unite to cheat me..."