"You'll live here and I'll live next door."

Ji Zhaoming gets out of the car and follows me.

"Next door?" I look next door. It's a house with the same pattern as this one.

But there was nothing planted in the yard.

Ji Zhaoming handed me a small bag in his hand. "Here's your passport and certificate. I bought you a mobile phone. There's a local card in it. By the way, there's also cash in it. If you want to leave here, you can do it at any time."

I opened my bag and checked this stuff.

It's a wonderful feeling.

Ji Qingxuan won't let me go before. I desperately want to leave. Now here, Ji Zhaoming gives me everything. I'm completely free, but I think it's good here.

Ji Zhaoming handed me a key and let me have a look in the room.

I walked inside, only to find that he was still standing at the door. I turned to him and asked, "why don't you come in?"

"This is your house now. I can't go in if the host doesn't invite me." Ji Zhaoming gave a faint smile.

I was stunned for a moment.

Did a "please" action.

Ji Zhaoming just came in.

He accompanied me to visit the room, the whole room is divided into two floors, below is the living room, dining room and kitchen.

There is a dressing room, a study and a big bedroom upstairs.

The window of the bedroom is connected with a large balcony. There are several small shelves on the balcony, on which all kinds of flowers are planted.

It's like a little house in a cartoon.

"Do you like it?"

When I looked at the flowers on the windowsill in a daze, Ji Zhaoming asked me in the back.

"Well." I nodded.

Ji Zhaoming nodded, "that's good. I'll find someone to buy the daily necessities and clothes for you. You have a rest first. We'll go to town for dinner later." He looked at his watch. "Start in half an hour."