I was stunned.

He's taking me with him?

"Where are you going so late?" I pretended not to know and asked him in a daze.

Ji Qingxuan slightly drooped his eyes, word by word said, "my grandfather's birthday, I have to go, but I don't trust you at home alone, so I want to take you with me."

"Are you crazy?" I looked at him, "I'm like this, how can I go! If it's Halloween today, I can go out and scare people. "

I laugh at myself.

Now I can't see anyone.

Ji Qingxuan pulled me out of the room and said coldly, "you wait for me in the car. I'll find two bodyguards to watch you. I'll go in and give you a gift and come out."


Ji Qingxuan is really cautious, even Ji Yanhai's birthday will take me.

I know I can't beat him. Even if I refuse, I will be dragged.

In desperation, I can only promise.

I don't need make-up either. I just change my clothes and go out with him.

In fact, such I go out, it really seems very ridiculous.

But I have no choice.

Ji Qingxuan and I went to Ji Yanhai's house by car.

When the car stopped, Ji Qingxuan patted my hand and said gently, "I'll come out in half an hour at most."


I agreed.

In my opinion, it has nothing to do with me. No matter how long he goes, don't I have to wait here?

Even if it's not here, it's in the multimedia room.

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