I'm pregnant? Whose?

The answer is self-evident.

In my whole life, if I had not been violated yesterday, the father of that child could only be one person.

But when

Is it in the design competition? In the near future, Ji Qingxuan and I have only done it that day, and we haven't taken any measures yet

"I'm pregnant. If I take the medicine, I'm sure the child will die."

Ban Lei is very calm.

It seems that such a thing is nothing but commonplace with him, and it is not worth making a fuss.

"I won't do it!"

I hardly hesitated, decisively said these four words.

Ban Lei is a bit surprised, "don't do it? Little girl, children can no longer have, in case of HIV infection, it can be a lifetime of medication


Of course, I know exactly what AIDS is!

It is one of the few incurable diseases in the world that has no radical cure.

Once infected, only to die.

For me, death is not terrible, and there is no one in the world that I should cherish.

I looked up at Ban Lei, "I want to ask you, if I really get sick, will it affect my children?"

"Well The probability that a mother will pass the virus on to her child is 20-40%. Your situation is quite special, but no matter what you do, you can't guarantee 100% that you will not be infected. "

Ban Lei's explanation made me despair.

Even if it's one percent possible, I don't want to bring it to my children.

Now the only way is

The conversation of the black man before my coma and the nurse just now came to my mind!

"Where was the nurse just now?" I grabbed ban Lei and said, "I want to find her!"

Ban Lei was shocked by my behavior.

I looked at assistant Wang again, "the nurse just had a problem. She must know who is behind the scenes!"

I finish, see three people are confused, it seems that did not intend to find, I am impatient, put on shoes, intend to find her!

I walked out of the ward and several people followed.

When I went outside, I looked around the whole floor, but the whole floor was almost empty.

"You're not in the right place." Another doctor advised me at the back, and I ignored him at all.

Ban Lei couldn't seem to see it. He grabbed a passing nurse and asked, "where's Xiao Zhang?"

The nurse took a look at Ban Lei with a complicated expression. "Xiao Zhang, just came out of the ward, and suddenly said that she would resign. The head nurse said that she would go next month..."

"Quit?" Ban Lei frowned.

"Yes." The nurse nodded, "but she didn't listen and insisted on going. As a result, she just got downstairs and was hit by a passing motorcycle. Now she has been sent to the emergency room."


Ban Lei was shocked!

Leave us and go downstairs quickly.

I want to follow, but assistant Wang holds me, "Miss Qin, you are weak now, and you are injured. I'll help you to see. You are waiting for me here." Then he took a business card out of his pocket and handed it to me. "Your things are in the ward cupboard."

Finish saying, followed ban Lei to leave in a hurry.

I looked at the business card, it was clean, only wrote Wang Chao two words.

There's a mailbox and a phone below.

I went back with my business card, and my mind became more confused.

Is it an accident or a murder?!

What a coincidence!

I don't want to kill this child, but what if I get sick and pass it on to my child?

No matter how society changes, people's prejudice against this disease will not change.

In that way, my child will be looked down upon.

I can't lift my head all my life and live in the shadow all my life.

"What to do..."

Into the ward, I squatted on the ground, hands holding the head, full of despair!

I really can't choose!

I have lost a child, how can I have the heart to kill my second child.

But in case, in case I'm really violated, what should I do if I get AIDS?

Although in my heart, I can basically conclude that I was violated should be the illusion made by others, the purpose of that person is to alienate Qin Jiameng and me.

Maybe even for Ji Qingxuan.

In any case, I am not willing to bear the possibility of one in ten thousand!

I think of ban Lei's words. He said that it's OK to start taking medicine within 72 hours, but the shorter the time, the more likely the barrier is. I'm in a coma for less than 10 hours, so I should still have time!

If I find the person behind me at this time, maybe I can

I can't do it on my own.Someone has to help me.

That person must be willing, and I can believe it for the time being.

Measured all things, there is only one candidate - Ji Qingxuan.

Just him!

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