But the next second, I realized something more terrible than disfigurement!

I felt where I was, my legs moved, and I didn't feel it.

Am I in a coma for too long?


There is no feeling that I have been violated. Before, even if Ji Qingxuan and I did it for a long time, I would still have pain there the next day.

If those black people really did something, I can't feel nothing here.


I'm not being violated?!

But how could it be!

They are the people invited by Qin Jiameng. How can Qin Jiameng show mercy to me.

When I hesitated, I also thought of the conversation of several black people before I was in a coma.

What they mean is that there should be another employer

At this time, my head was in a mess, and before I could think about it well, the door suddenly opened.

I turned around and saw a middle-aged man standing at the door with a small bag in his hand. When I saw my eyes open, I was stunned for a moment before I said, "are you awake? I'll call the doctor

Then he turned and went out again.

I've seen him, and I'm more sure I haven't seen him at all.

Who is he?

After a while, the man came in with two doctors and a nurse. I saw that one of the doctors had the name "chief doctor: ban Lei" on his chest tag.

As far as I know, the chief physician is very powerful!

Two doctors did a series of tests for me, but they didn't check there.

I asked first, "how did you find me? How long have I been in a coma? "

The middle-aged man replied, "my boss located you through your mobile phone. You were in a coma before you sent it. Now it's almost 10 hours."

"Your boss?"

"Well, my boss is your sponsor. I'm his assistant. My name is Wang."

That Wang assistant said here, I was all right.

But I still can't help asking, "when you meet me, I'll..."

Next, I can't ask.

The doctor still understood, and took the initiative to say, "let's avoid it. If you have any questions, ask the nurse."

Then a few people backed out.

Only the nurse was left in the ward.

Now, without hesitation, I asked, "what was it like when I was brought here?"

"This..." The nurse looked at me, wanted to say something, but hesitated for a few seconds before saying, "you, when you were sent, you were raped! It's swollen there. We'll take medicine for you! "

She said it loud.

And I noticed that her hand was slightly clenched, which made her nervous.

"You're lying!" I stare at her and say it word by word.

As soon as the words came out, the whole nurse was shocked!

Look at me, eyes full of guilty, "lie? Why should I lie! There are all records of prescribing drugs! "

"But I don't feel anything here. It's not swollen."

I kept a close eye on the nurse as I spoke.

Her upper teeth were biting her lower lip, her eyes were slightly down, not looking at me, but drifting left and right.

These actions clearly show that she is lying!

But the nurse didn't admit, "it's our good medicine. Believe it or not, whether you are strong or not, you must be clear in your heart!"

"Of course I know." By this time, I had realized something. I leaned slightly out of bed, grabbed the nurse standing by the bed, and asked, "who told you to lie!"

"Ah?! I I didn't! " The nurse was surprised, and her first reaction was to draw her hand, "I'm not lying!"

I didn't hold on to her.

The nurse drew her hand and left quickly!

When I wanted to chase out, several doctors and assistant Wang had already come in.

The doctor saw that I was about to get out of bed, and immediately stopped me, "lie down!"

"What happened to me yesterday and today? Have I ever been raped before I was sent here? "

I don't care so much about this meeting.

Just ask two doctors.

And assistant Wang.

Although I feel that I have not been infringed, but still not sure, after all, Qin Jiameng looking for people do not infringe on me, a few men have done that, do not infringe on me?!

How can it be!

I need a theoretical support to determine my own judgment!

Three people are inexplicably guilty.

No one said anything. At last, assistant Wang said, "when the boss found you, you were the only one there. It's true that your clothes were not neat, but as for the others, I don't know..."

"We've only done extrusion inspection for you, but we haven't found it yet..."

Before the doctor finished, I knew what he was going to say. I glared at him and said, "I'm threatened to be raped, and some of those people have AIDS!"In a word, two of them stepped back half a step.

Only one person didn't move, the chief physician, ban Lei.

I see to him just want to ask, ban Lei but first mouth, "HIV transmission route is very narrow, daily contact will not infect."

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