But the next second, I realized something more terrible than disfigurement!

I felt where I was, my legs moved, and I didn't feel it.

Am I in a coma for too long?


There is no feeling that I have been violated. Before, even if Ji Qingxuan and I did it for a long time, I would still have pain there the next day.

If those black people really did something, I can't feel nothing here.


I'm not being violated?!

But how could it be!

They are the people invited by Qin Jiameng. How can Qin Jiameng show mercy to me.

When I hesitated, I also thought of the conversation of several black people before I was in a coma.

What they mean is that there should be another employer

At this time, my head was in a mess, and before I could think about it well, the door suddenly opened.

I turned around and saw a middle-aged man standing at the door with a small bag in his hand. When I saw my eyes open, I was stunned for a moment before I said, "are you awake? I'll call the doctor

Then he turned and went out again.

I've seen him, and I'm more sure I haven't seen him at all.

Who is he?

After a while, the man came in with two doctors and a nurse. I saw that one of the doctors had the name "chief doctor: ban Lei" on his chest tag.

As far as I know, the chief physician is very powerful!

Two doctors did a series of tests for me, but they didn't check there.

I asked first, "how did you find me? How long have I been in a coma? "

The middle-aged man replied, "my boss located you through your mobile phone. You were in a coma before you sent it. Now it's almost 10 hours."