I'm scared out of my face right now!

A hand stretched out from the side, instantly grabbed my hair and forced me to turn my face!


I struggled.

I just feel that there are liquid drops splashing on my face, only about 0.1 seconds, I feel that the left half of my face seems to be on fire!


Pain makes me unable to cry out!

It hurts!


This burning painful feeling, let my heart burst out infinite desire for survival!

I jerked out my hand and pulled my right hand out of the black man's hand!

An inertia, "pa!" Open the glass bottle in Qin Jiameng's hand!

The moment the bottle flew out, I clearly saw the transparent liquid splashing out from the bottle mouth!

Qin Jiameng seems to have some accidents, that gap, my right hand desperate to grasp Qin Jiameng's hair, "let me go! Let me go! Help

My left face seems to be burned by fire. I dare not touch it. I can only grasp Qin Jiameng's hair.

"Let go!"

"You let me go! Take me to the hospital

I just feel that the burning sensation on my left face is spreading a little bit. It seems that half of my face feels unbearable pain.

A black man came over, put my hand a board, I eat pain, a force, directly will Qin Jiameng with wig pulled down!

Qin Jiameng quickly stood up and looked at me, his expression became excited, "Qin Jiaqi! You are so beautiful now! I really want Ji Qingxuan to see you now! Ha ha ha

She stepped back a little bit!

I knew she was going to leave and yelled, "no! Let me go! I'm going to the hospital! "

I don't want to be disfigured!