I looked at Qin Jiameng and said nothing.

Qin Jiameng put her hands around her chest and put away her smile. "Ji Qingxuan is the boss of Optimus and the person at the top of Yancheng pyramid. He calls the wind and the rain and can do anything. For such a man, his desire for control must be infinite."


"If you think about it, I have so many people who can't bear the past. He has to bear it again and again in order to control me. The day you give your clean self to him, he will already regard you as his own thing!"


"Don't deceive yourself!" Qin Jiameng interrupted me directly, "you should be very clear about how much Ji Qingxuan's possessiveness is! Lu Qiaoyu came to see you from a long distance after helping you out that time, and let Ji Qingxuan know that Lu Qiaoyu was scheming against him!

What's more, do you think Ji Qingxuan can know about his coming? As long as he thinks about Yancheng, what can he not know? "

I have to say that every word Qin Jiameng said was right.

But I don't want to accept it!

Although I want to keep away from Ji Qingxuan, I still don't want to believe that he has done such a terrible thing.

Don't believe he has Lu Qiaoyu's life in his hands!

I cleaned up my mood and looked at Qin Jiameng, smiling calmly, "I'm sorry, I don't believe it. Unless Ji Qingxuan comes to tell me in person, I won't believe a word!"

Qin Jiameng didn't think I didn't believe it.

Leng for a while, Zheng Zheng looked at me, began to have no expression.

And then all of a sudden I started laughing!

"Ha ha ha! It seems that you have a deep relationship with him. " She hesitated, some unwilling to say, "it's not bad for him to hold me and call your name when he drinks too much, ha ha ha ha!"

Qin Jiameng couldn't help laughing.

She laughs in a very exaggerated way.

The expression is very sad.

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