Qin Jiameng turned to look at me and asked, "what's this? Tell me what it is!"

"What is this?"

I'm a little confused.

To be honest, although I know some basic computer operations, I don't know how to hide the folder.

I don't know if the folder can be encrypted.

Her series of flowing operations are unprecedented to me.

Qin Jiameng stares at me, "don't pretend!"

"I really don't know." I squinted and tried to see what was on the pictures, but my computer had a 15 inch screen, and the pictures were too small.

I can't see it at all.

Qin Jiameng's face seemed to see through me. "Do you think I'll let you go if you pretend to be innocent? Dream

Finish, personally open a video.

When the video came out, my face turned white.

In the video, it's actually the content of Qin Jiameng's being mixed up in wheel X!

These How could it be in my computer?

When I was staring at the screen, Qin Jiameng directly grabbed my hair and stared at me, "why didn't you threaten me with these videos? What are you waiting for? Is not to wait for Ji Qingxuan to be sure to marry me, and then take out this card. "

She grabbed me and I had to look at her.

Qin Jiameng has always been a good actor.

But at this moment, I look at her face when she looks at me, and I feel more and more that this video really seems to be discovered by her from my computer.

It's not that she went in there to kidnap me.

Qin Jiameng stared at me, "what's the matter? No more words? "


"Ha ha, I advise you to think again. This may be the last time you can speak so freely. Today I will let you suffer all the sins I have suffered before!" Qin Jia Meng pause, and then said, "of course, I will not only take pictures, but also give you a big gift."

When she said this, she laughed in horror.

I'm sweating for no reason.

What did she go through? It's clear in the video. Now the video is still playing. The gangsters in it invade her one by one. Qin Jiameng revolts and they fight.

The shooting angle is changing, and every action is taken clearly.

"No, no!"

My heart is in a panic! I'm determined not to be treated like this.

Is there anyone else in this house besides me and her?

"No?" Qin Jiameng looked at me and said with a smile, "do you know? I'm looking for more people than you this time. In order to satisfy you, and they are all black, I promise to feed you! Other men can't satisfy you any more! "

Qin Jiameng said, ha ha!

At this time, there was also the sound of people walking outside.

Qin Jiameng's expression tells me that she is not joking. Someone is really waiting for me!

"No, no, no! Last time things really have nothing to do with me, I really did not do! This is my first time to see this video! I promise, I won't send it out, you can delete it. " After thinking about it, I felt that what I said was wrong. "There must be some behind the scenes. Let's completely turn against each other. What you are dealing with now is not me, but finding out this person."

"Don't load it!" Qin Jiameng raised her hand and slapped me in the face, "it must be you! Who else in the world hates me so much besides you? "

"I hate you, but I won't do such a thing!"

I tried desperately to explain to her.

Qin Jiameng sneered, "no? I've killed you and Ji Qingxuan's children, and put you in prison. Won't you do that? I'm afraid you want to cut me to pieces, don't you

Yeah, she's right.

She did these things, I was eager to kill her, let her never turn over!

However, no matter how hard I am, I can't do it!

"I said I didn't do it, but I didn't do it!" I yelled.

"Is it?" Qin Jiameng directly rode on my waist, straight back, looked down at me, "you should know what I do."


"Let you go to jail, that's just the beginning. Recently, I bribed Lu Yuhan to do what she asked her to do, but she bargained with me to kill Tang Ruo. To my surprise, the relationship between you and Tang Ruo is not bad."

I've already guessed that.

I'm not surprised.

Qin Jiameng saw that I didn't respond and shook his head. "It seems that my affairs can't make you angry?" She paused, put her face close to me, with a strange smile, "it doesn't matter, I know what makes you more desperate."

Seeing her smile, I suddenly had a bad feeling.

Qin Jiameng took out a small U disk from his pocket and asked me, "do you know what this is?"

I shook my head in silence.Qin Jiameng saw my expression and suddenly laughed strangely.

I didn't say anything. I just turned off the video that the computer was playing, and then inserted the U disk into the computer.

Soon the computer read out the contents of the U disk.

Qin Jiameng opens it, finds a folder accurately, and double clicks it.

It's an audio file.

After opening, there was silence.

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