Now I also find that if people are shameless, they will not be afraid of anything.

Stay where you are, Qin Zhaomin and Qin Zhaozhi will do the same for us.

People from the funeral company buried Qin CI for a while. I also added a handful of soil and murmured, "goodbye, grandma."

From then on, I am no longer Qin family.

After the burial, I left without a second.

That afternoon, the news came out, Qin announced bankruptcy, its assets were bought by a mysterious person.

There are different opinions about who this mysterious person is.

But I think, in addition to Ji Qingxuan, who else?

I even think that in a few days Ji Qingxuan will give Qin's family to Qin Jiameng, and Bomei people will smile.

I've been waiting for about a week, and it didn't happen.

In this week's world, Ji Qingxuan comes to pick me up every day, no matter how I refuse, he is rain or shine. Although my work sometimes goes to the construction site, I have to report to the company wherever I go.

Ji Qingxuan can also clearly grasp my dynamic.

I can't even hide.

However, this kind of time only lasted one week. On the night of the seventh day, when I came out of the construction site, I didn't see Ji Qingxuan as usual.

I guess he might have given up?

There is some loss in Mingming's heart, but I feel it's still.

I go home by bus.

I don't know why, Mingming Ji Qingxuan didn't pick me up, but my mood didn't have any joy.

I don't even have the heart to do anything.

Back home, I ordered a few takeout.

"Ding Dong."

While I was waiting for the takeout, the phone rang with a short message.

My first reaction was whether it would be Ji Qingxuan's message.

When I felt out my mobile phone, I saw the words "sponsor" on it.

In the heart unexpectedly spreads the light loss.

I click on the message and it says, "how are you doing? Do you have any trouble at work and need my help? 】

after thinking for a while, I began to edit the information, and the doorbell rang.

I thought it was a takeout. I opened the door while returning the information.

When I opened the door and looked up, I saw a man in black standing outside, wearing a cap with a low brim.

I didn't mention anything.

At that moment, I immediately had a bad feeling in my heart!

The first reaction is to close the door!

But as the door was about to close, the man's foot jammed the crack in the door!

I panicked. I didn't think about anything. I didn't have time to switch the address book. I even dialed 110. I directly clicked the sponsor's phone on the screen!

Call in waiting.

When I prayed to the other party to answer the phone quickly, the door was suddenly knocked open!

A bang.

The wooden door hit me in the face.

When I felt dizzy, the man in black outside came in and realized something in my mouth. My will was stripped instantly.



The crisp sound of a slap and the pain on my cheek made me recover gradually.

I slightly opened my eyes, eyes focus for a long time, did not recognize who is in front of her, first heard her jiaodidi said, "Jiaqi, get up."

Qin Jiameng!

My mind instantly sobered up a lot, calm down, just see close to my Qin Jiameng.

She wore short hair, a sportswear and, rarely, no make-up.

From the appearance, it's a bit like a man.

"You..." I'm hoarse and want to talk, but I feel dizzy.

His eyes glanced left and right, and his hands touched the things under him.

I am now lying on a one meter eight wide bed, the bed is very soft, a look is senior Simmons.

And the room where it is can't tell where it is, but it can be seen that the decoration is very high-grade.

All around are white walls, white furniture, sofas

I subconsciously want to get up, "Hua la la" the sound of the chain rings, my hand is soon limited, slant head, just see the hand is locked.

"Ha ha, Jiaqi, are you surprised?"

Qin Jiameng looked at my behavior and gave a simple smile. Her expression in her eyes was the whitest lotus.

I had a headache, but I soon realized what was going on.

I looked at Qin Jiameng and said angrily, "Qin Jiameng, what the hell are you doing? Kidnap me again? "

"Oh, you should call me sister, shouldn't you?" Qin Jiameng sat on the bed, stretched out her hand and straightened my messy hair, "my good sister."

The next second, a hand, "pa" a slap in my face!

She has a lot of strength!

A slap down, my ears buzzing, hot left face!My hands are chained, but my feet are not!

As soon as I raise my foot, I kick Qin Jiameng's stomach! What do you want to do

My foot strength is not small. When Qin Jiameng was put on by me, the whole person fell back, and the expression on his face was very painful.

She covered her stomach and sat in the corner of the bed for ten seconds before she got up.

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