"Boss, you remember me."

I was a bit surprised.

"No, you haven't changed much in recent years. It's hard for me to recognize you." The boss said happily, looking at Ji Qingxuan, "is this your boyfriend? It's really expensive to look at. I'm not an ordinary person. "

I have to say that the boss is really good at judging people.

I hooked my lips, "no, he's just me..."

"I'm his boyfriend."

Ji Qingxuan knows what I'm going to say and grabs the words first.

I took a look at him and didn't bother to argue.

The boss laughs and brings the menu to our table? It's OK. It's OK to eat my family's food. "

The menu of his family is still the same. It's still bound with several pieces of paper. The name and price of the dishes are all written by himself.

Over the years, the price has not gone up much.

I looked at the price slightly frown, "boss, you do business is afraid to lose money."

The boss said with a smile, "I'm not afraid. I'll be happy when I do business. If you old customers like me are willing to come and have a chat with me, I'll be happy. Making money is secondary."

I ordered two dishes I used to eat, and gave the menu to Ji Qingxuan.

Ask him what to eat.

Ji Qingxuan looked at the menu, seemed confused, and finally said, "just order."

"This gentleman is a big boss. Let me recommend him to you." The boss is familiar with himself, and immediately picks up the menu to recommend to Ji Qingxuan.

After half a day's introduction, Ji Qingxuan only ordered a moustache.