The moment I got my glasses, I suddenly felt that Ji Zhaoming was different.

Man's face belongs to the kind of angular, nose high-speed rail, lips cool thin.

Because fell asleep, the corners of the mouth also did not hang a smile, the whole person looks very indifferent.

When I watched him quietly, the man suddenly opened his eyes!

The moment he looked at me, I was cold.

I don't know if it's a delusion. When a man wakes up, he is full of anger of not entering a stranger!

I can't help falling back.

Hold your hands on the ground and sit on your ass.

A click.

I judged for a second before I realized what it was.

Ji Zhaoming touched his face, frowned slightly and asked me, "do you see my glasses?"

It's moving my ass a little bit and touching it.

First touch the metal leg of the mirror. Take it up. It's very light.

The weight was obviously only one leg. I touched it again, and soon I felt the lens.

Ji Zhaoming always looked at me with a smile, but I was a little embarrassed. I handed the broken lens and leg to his hand and said awkwardly, "sorry, I came to see you. My glasses are going to fall off, I want to help you take them off."

Ji Zhaoming looked down to check his glasses. He was sure that he couldn't use them. He frowned slightly. "I've been wearing these glasses for several years, and I've had feelings."

"I'm sorry." He said, I feel more sorry, quickly said, "or I'll give you another one."

"This one is several years old. It must be out of stock."

When Ji Zhaoming talks, he looks very serious.

I immediately regretted it. Why did I have to help him take off his glasses? People were kind-hearted to comfort me, and I even broke his glasses

In my heart tangled, Ji Zhaoming suddenly raised his hand, big palm fell on the top of my hair, rubbed my hair, "if you accompany me to match a pair, I will forgive you."


I looked up and looked at him.


"Yes! Yes

I nodded desperately.

Ji Zhaoming smiles, gets up, arranges his clothes, and says, "you wait for me to take back the clothes outside, and we'll go."

"I'll go."

It's atonement.

I quickly ran outside and took back my clothes. After finishing them carefully, I gave them to Ji Zhaoming. He went into another room and hung up his clothes before he came out.

Take the car key and say, "let's go and get the glasses."

I think Ji Zhaoming is nervous when he wants to drive, "you, can you drive without glasses? Let's take a taxi. "

"Are you afraid?"

Ji Zhaoming turned to look at me with a look in his eyes.

I nodded.

He rubbed my hair and said, "don't be afraid, I'm not near sighted."

I was relieved to get into his car.

This house is next to the outer ring road of Yancheng. It's not downtown, but it's not a suburb. It's certainly not cheap to buy a house in such a place.

This question is in my heart, but I didn't ask it.

See Ji Zhaoming driving in the city.

I believe that he is really not short-sighted, can not help but ask, "you are not short-sighted, why wear glasses?"

Ji Zhaoming concentrates on driving.

I didn't seem to hear my question.

When I didn't care and didn't plan to ask again, I heard the man reply, "I look fierce. If I don't wear glasses, I may scare the children."


"Yes, you are a child in my eyes."

It's just the red light. Ji Zhaoming turns to look at me. It's true that, as he said, although he doesn't wear glasses, his eyes are bent and his mouth is smiling, it still gives people a sense of alienation and inaccessibility.

I was a little unconvinced and said, "you are just a little older than me. What qualifications do you have to call me a child?"

"You are 25, I am 36, I graduated from primary school, you are just born, so in my eyes, you are a child."

Ji Zhaoming naturally said.

I frowned and couldn't find a reason to refute.

However, when I think of orphans when I was a child, the teacher often said to me: "when you grow up, take care of children younger than you." "You're ten years old. You're going to help your brother and sister do the laundry."

And so on, and so on.

From the moment I can remember, I can wash clothes and take care of my younger children.

The teacher has always said that you are a big child, what to do.

But no one ever said you were a child.

I looked at him with a dull look.

When the red light changed, Ji Zhaoming looked forward and patted me on the shoulder. "You can treat me as your elder. You can always be a child in front of me."Ji Zhaoming's words really hit my heart.

That day I accompanied him to match glasses, and then he took me to dinner.

When leaving, in front of the mall, there was a couple in high school uniform. The girl said she wanted a balloon, so the boy bought one for her.

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