Qin Zhaozhi seemed to feel that I was looking at her and also looked at me, "what are you looking at? That's my mother, too!"

"So you were in a hurry to turn off the ventilator?"

I have no mercy to expose her.

Qin Zhaozhi's face was a little unnatural. After struggling for a while, he sighed, "now Qin's family really can't do it. My mother has been ill all her life, and those shareholders are in a mess. If I have money, can I not go out? If it wasn't for the collapse of the company, those employees had been following us for more than ten years, and we collapsed, they would not even have enough to eat! "

I squinted at Qin Zhaozhi and didn't speak.

She looked at me, too.

As if afraid that I would not believe it, he pulled his Himalayan bag and said, "have you seen this? Fake! It's sold long ago

Then he turned some places in the bag for me to see.

In fact, I don't know anything about the authenticity of this kind of famous brand bag.

Thinking about the sale of Qin Ci's vase, I don't think what Qin Zhaozhi said is all lies.

"So miserable?" I'll take the call.

"No! Do you think it's easy to be the boss of your own company? The policy changes with each passing day, and we have to deal with those officials.... "

While waiting for Qin Ci, Qin Zhaozhi began to complain to me about how difficult it was to do business.

I listened quietly.

Can't help thinking, Ji Qingxuan is also like this?

He was always calm in front of me and never seemed to mention any difficulties in business.

It seems to me that his business must be smooth sailing.

The lights in the emergency room went out when I was on the run.

When the door opened, a doctor pushed the car out with a hanging bottle, and another nurse pushed a car with a ventilator on it.

"How is my grandmother?" I ran up and asked.

The doctor looked at me, "to stabilize the situation for the time being, but it depends on the patient himself whether he can pass the test."

I followed by the bed, holding Qin Ci's hand and murmuring, "grandma, you must hold on."

Qin Zhaozhi stood aside and said nothing.

That night, I went home.

But my heart has been very uneasy.

In the middle of the night -

"I can stand behind you, like a shadow sleepwalking with the light..."

My cell phone rings, originally sleeping, I instantly wake up, wake up like myself during the day!

I grabbed my cell phone.

Although the above number was not recorded, I recognized it as the number of Qin Ci's hospital.

"Hello." I picked up the phone and my heart pounded.

At this time, the voice of the doctor came from the phone, "Hello, this is the second hospital..." After reporting home, the doctor said a lot of euphemistic terms on the phone, and finally said, "but the patient still died at 3:27:42 a.m. domestic time..."

After that, I didn't hear clearly.

I just feel my ears buzzing.

I can't estimate anything. I go out and run to the door!

However, it's midnight now, no matter waiting directly or using the taxi Hailing software, I can't get on the bus!

What to do!

What to do!

I looked at the taxi Hailing software that had been waiting for more than ten minutes, but in desperation, I started running directly to the hospital.

Qin Ci's hospital is about ten kilometers away from my community.

If I run alone, I'm afraid I'll break my leg.

But I can't estimate that much!

I ran all the way, because of the lack of exercise at ordinary times, without running for a while, I had no strength.

But the taxi Hailing software still didn't respond.

I still try to run.

It's really evil.

There wasn't even a car on the road tonight.

The sky is also black, no stars, no moon.

I don't know how long I've been running. Finally, I saw two beams of light coming through the dark street towards me!

"Stop! Stop the car

At that moment, I didn't think about anything, so I rushed to the front of the car!

It's too late. The car came near to see me!

The screeching sound of the brakes is particularly harsh in this quiet night.

But the car still didn't stop, "bang" hit me, causing me to fly back!

But fortunately, he braked and I didn't get hit too far.

The man quickly got out of the car and asked, "are you ok?"

Although my leg hurt a little, I didn't have time to think about myself at this time. I limped forward and said, "Sir, please, take me to the second hospital."

As I approached the driver.

He called me first, "Qin Jiaqi?"

"Brother Ji?"Who would have thought that Ji Zhaoming was the person I met in such a big Yancheng on this night.

He bent over to look at my leg and asked more concerned, "are you ok? You are so late... "

"Can you take me to the second hospital?" I interrupted, "please!"

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