At this time, I have no time to talk to Lu Yuhan.

I can feel the sight behind me freezing thousands of miles.

Standing in the same place, the back is a little chilly.

Mou Xiangli didn't care. He took the sketch book in front of him and went out.

While I was still standing, I heard the sound of shoes rubbing against the ground from behind.

Then I saw Ji Qingxuan pass me and come to Mou Xiangli. He said politely, "Mr. Mou, this competition is organized by us. We have the responsibility to send everyone back safely, so she can't go with you."

"Why?" Mou Xiangli looks up at Ji Qingxuan, "do you mean she can't be safe if she follows me?"


Ji Qingxuan has no taboo.

Mou Xiangli stood still, looked at Ji Qingxuan, and laughed, "young man, you don't think I'm an old man in my fifties, what can I do to her?"

"I don't mean that, but this competition is our company..."

"No company, no company. Yesterday you saw me holding her, and your eyes were all on fire." Mou Xiangli interrupts Ji Qingxuan's words, squints his eyes and says, "I like it. I don't want her to go with me. Is it so hard to say? In front of feelings, there is no shelf. "

I was stunned when I said a few words to him.

Ji Qingxuan looked at him, silent for a long time, just said, "this is the rule, she can't go with you."

He didn't acknowledge his feelings for me.

Maybe he has no feelings for me.

"That's fine." Mou nodded to Li, "since you insist it's a rule, I won't take her away."

Maybe it's anger.

I went to Mou Xiangli, "Mr. Mou, I will contact you when I return to Yancheng."


Mou nodded to Li.

Ji Qingxuan looked at me as if he wanted to blow fire!

I don't care.

Go back to the house on your own.

It's more than 2 o'clock. I thought Mou Xiangli said that he would leave at 3 o'clock. In order to take a chance, I stood in the parking lot at the gate of the resort at 3 o'clock.

Sure enough, I saw Sheng Fei and Mou Xiangli there.

There is a bellboy nearby to help carry the luggage.

I quickly ran over, "Mr. Mou, thank you for your guidance yesterday."

"It's OK. I'm just on the spur of the moment." Mou looked at me, "why didn't you bring anything?"


"Luggage! I thought you came to come with me

So that's what he thought?

I quickly said, "I'd better go with my colleagues tomorrow. After all, we are all together."

"OK." Mou Xiangli didn't force him, but said, "I don't think Qingtian's boss is awkward. He can't figure out what he thinks. You won't be able to work long under him. If you have any difficulties in the future, please come to me at any time."

He said, while Sheng Fei was very interested, "Lao Mou, in recent years you live in a simple place, I've rarely seen you care so much about anyone."

"Hey, I'm old and half cut to the ground. I can't bear to lose my skill."

He said to the ceremony casually.

I don't understand.

Does Mou Xiangli mean

Want to take me as an apprentice?

I don't think so

No matter how bold I am, I dare not think so.

But what he meant just now seems to be the same.

When I was wondering whether to ask, I heard footsteps behind me. Then I heard someone shouting, "Mr. Mou."

It's Yetzer.

I looked back and saw that not far away, yeze trotted here.

Not far behind him, there was a man walking in our direction.

Ji Qingxuan.

From such a distance, I could see the unhappy expression on his face.

Even with a little sullen.

The man beside him laughed at Li Ho, "Oh, this is coming."

Ye Ze came up to me, looked at me, and said with some embarrassment, "Miss Qin, why are you here?"

"I'll see Mr. Mou off."

I said politely to yitzer.

Just polite, Ji Qingxuan has come to me, black eyes cold sweep to me, asked the same question as ye Ze, "how are you here."

I returned it with the same answer.

"Sending judges is the job of the organizers. When is your turn?" Ji Qingxuan seems quite dissatisfied with my behavior.

Before I met him, Mou Xiangli next to him shook his head with a smile, "Oh, I never thought that I was an old man, and I could make people jealous."

with that, the surrounding immediately fell into an awkward atmosphere.

Everyone knows what he means.I also understand Ji Qingxuan's possessiveness, which will make him jealous.

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