It's really poisonous to talk to Li.

I couldn't answer his words. I thought about what to say and left.

Mou Xiangli didn't seem to see my embarrassment. He continued, "you are young. In fact, you have a little brain. If you don't think about how to improve your skills by yourself, you have to go through these unorthodox ways. No matter how much money he has, no matter how much relationship he has, it's all his. When he dumps you, what do you have left? Nothing left! "

I stood by Mou Xiangli and looked at him.

He's right.

His words even made me feel like my dad was talking to me.

But he's almost old enough to be my father.

Mou Xiangli took the sunglasses he just bought in his hand, put them on his face, and turned his head to me, "Oh, you take your computer to the waterside pavilion restaurant in the West. I'll tell you what's wrong with your work."


"Hurry up!"

Mou Xiangli is the legendary genius Lance. Once he gave me one-on-one advice, which is an impossible thing.

But now he put it forward, but he felt a little puzzled.

After all, my relationship with him is nothing more than the Oolong incident in the morning.

But when he spoke, I couldn't deny it.

Dare not delay, quickly agreed to come down, ran back to get the computer.

There is no restaurant here called Shuixie restaurant, but I guess he is talking about the lakeside restaurant.

It's a big corner from my room.

It took me more than half an hour to go back and get the computer.

In the past, I saw Mou Xiangli drawing with a sketch book and didn't notice me coming.

I walked up to him and stood behind him for a while. He just used a carbon strip to draw the water color on the paper, because it was night when the street lamp led to the reflection on the water.