At this time, the other two judges finally couldn't watch it.

One of the men stood up and introduced himself, "I'm Sheng Fei."

"Mr. Sheng, I'm sure we all know you."

Lu Yuhan said respectfully to Sheng Fei.

So this is Sheng Fei.

He is the most famous founder of home magazine in China and has a high reputation in the industry.

Sheng Fei looked at the man and said, "I prove that he is lance Harris. I am an old friend of him."


Lu Yuhan felt that his face could not hang for a moment.

While struggling with how to apologize, Lance Harris said, "actually, she's right. I'm not lance Harris."

Lu Yuhan's eyes brightened when he said that.

I think I can be saved.

As a result, Lance Harris said, "my original name is Mou Xiangli. If you study Chengxiang Gang, you should know my last name."

After that, Lu Yuhan's face changed.

A plot?

Do you have this surname?

I've never heard of it.

But Lu Yuhan nodded, "know, know."

"Well, now that I'm talking about it today, I'll talk about it." Mou Xiangli sits in his own place.

It seems that his appearance has changed since he said his name.

The posture has become regular.

He sat there, looked down at us and said, "let me introduce myself. My name is Mou Xiangli. I'm the seventy-nine generation descendant of Chengxiang gang."

Once this sentence came out, the whole audience was in an uproar.

In an instant, all the problems were solved.

It's not that Lu Yuhan's design is bad, it's that she even pretends to be an expert when she meets an expert.

Hit a nail.

Lu Yuhan quickly said, "Mr. Mou, I'm sorry. I'm wrong. I'm really not good at learning. I'll study harder when I go back. Before that, I won't do this kind of design any more."

Mou Xiangli looked at him and shook his head. "I can tell from your words just now that you are not good at learning. You are not worthy to learn from our Chengxiang Gang design!"


Lu Yuhan's forehead muscles burst out.

Obviously very angry, but still keep smiling, "yes, you said yes."

Two judges help to make the scene come true. "Although this design doesn't conform to Chengxiang Gang, it's still very complete and very good."

"Good? It's nothing like that

Mou Xiangli cocked his legs and didn't give face at all.

Although Lu Yuhan is angry, he is not easy to attack.

She should have thought that one person could not change anything, but unexpectedly, the manager of the resort looked at it and said, "I also think this design is not good."

In a word, everyone looked at it together.


Lu Yuhan was about to cry when he heard this.

The manager said, "what I'm not saying is that this design is not suitable for our resort."

"How?" Lu Yuhan was worried. "I designed it according to the size of my room. Although it looks like there are many things, it's not a problem at all. Besides, standing in any corner is scenery."

The manager shook his head. "You are not suitable for the climate here."

In a word, I understand.

The most suitable place for Chinese garden is the south of our country, where the climate is superior and the moisture in the air is just right.

It's windy here, it's near the sea, it's too wet.

This design really doesn't fit here at all.

After several rounds of scoring, Lu Yuhan's works were among the first batch of four eliminated works.

And the other three, it's a surprise.

It's mine.

In the next two days, the three judges will decide the final ranking according to the situation and location of the resort.

The selection is over.

Although Lu Yuhan was eliminated, he still went to Mou Xiangli, apologized and courted.

I looked at it from a distance, puzzled.

If Mou Xiangli is a descendant of Chengxiang Gang, why he doesn't use such a powerful identity, but he just wants to change the name of lance Harris.

He is abroad.

He didn't even let others know that he was a Chinese.

In the evening, when I came back to my room, I saw that Ji Qingxuan's things had been taken away.

I looked at my toothbrush on the washing table, lying alone in the dental jar, feeling inexplicably sour.

There's nothing to do. I'm wandering outside by myself

On the way, I was knocked on the head!

As soon as I was dark, I lost consciousness.

I don't know how long


It's unbearable heat!I opened my eyes in the heat and saw that this is my own room!

It's hot.

Why is it so hot in the room.

My brain is a blur, the first consciousness is, I want to go out.

Go out.

I'm wearing slippers and I don't care what I'm wearing.

After going out, it's still hot outside.

I began to wonder if I had too many clothes on me. I began to want to take off my clothes

Just took off a coat

"What are you doing?"

I heard someone calling behind me!

Look back.

In front of my eyes, it seems to be covered with gauze. How hard I try, I can't see who is in front of me.

I can only speak in a hoarse voice, "I'm hot, so hot Help me... "

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