I ignored her and went straight into the conference room where I was going to select my works.

This time it's a public selection.

Let's put out the works and select them together.

When I went in, several people had already sat down.

They looked at me with schadenfreude.

I didn't talk to anyone. I just sat down in a corner.

Soon, Ji Qingxuan comes in surrounded by people, and she follows Qin Jiameng.

Qin Jiameng had been walking next to him. When he saw me, suddenly his eyes lit up and he called out, "Jiaqi!"

Run to me.

Sitting beside me with a happy face, "I heard that you have entered the final, so I came here specially. I have been looking for you just now."

"How's grandma?"

I look at her.

For Qin Jiameng, I don't want to care about anything else except Qin CI.

"Granny?" Qin Jiameng didn't expect me to ask Qin CI. After thinking about it, she said, "it's the same as before, but my aunt wanted to turn off the ventilator, but now she says it's not turned off. It's strange."

Fortunately, Qin Zhaozhi did as I said.

Lu Yuhan sat in front of me and saw Qin Jiameng and I talking happily. She came over and said in a small voice, "these days, she can live with Ji Zong every day."


Qin Jiameng was happy when he heard Lu Yuhan say it. He was fierce immediately. "Don't talk nonsense. Jiaqi is not like that."

"No? She's been living with Ji every day for the past two weeks, just like a conjoined baby. "

When Lu Yuhan finished, the others said, "yes, we saw it, too."

Qin Jiameng looked at my face and became a bit embarrassed.