I dropped my eyes, deliberately said as if nothing had happened, "not too hard, I want to go back to busy."

"Well, I'll be with you."

Ji Qingxuan's voice also softened down.

However, he held my key tightly in his hand, as if he did not dare to give it to me.

It's only a day before I hand in my work.

My work is almost done. After rendering, I modified several places.

Finally, I got it to the service desk before 12 o'clock and copied it to the special computer for the competition.

Yetzer is in charge here.

He saw me and said with a smile, "Miss Qin, thank you last time."

"Nothing. It's not your fault. It's his fault."

I waved my hand, thinking that Ji Qingxuan might appear like a ghost at any time, I dare not talk to him more.

When I finished copying it, I saw Lu Yuhan.

She's going in.

I took more care and followed in.

She looked at me and said, "what are you doing with me?"

"Guard against villains." I said faintly.

I have known for a long time who Lu Yuhan is.

At lunch, I heard her tell other people that she had already done it and had already handed it in.

It's a bit strange to come back now.

When Lu Yuhan heard me, his angry face changed, "what are you talking about?"

"Isn't it?" Although it's just speculation, I stand to look at Lu Yuhan, "who did Tang ruo's work? I think you know best in your heart!"

"Mind my business!"

"What's your business?" I looked at Lu Yuhan, "if Tang had seen that, how could you have called all the participants so quickly?"


"Unless you knew it a long time ago!"

I said aloud.

"I What does this have to do with me! "

Lu Yuhan, this will be said by me. Obviously, he is at a loss.

Her reaction is the best evidence.

Although Lu Yuhan is usually arrogant, I found out from the last plagiarism that as long as you hit the point, she will lose her footing.

When we quarreled, ye Ze kindly asked, "Miss Lu, it's 12 o'clock now. Do you still need to copy your works?"

"Copy, my work has been revised, so I have to copy it again."

Lu Yuhan said, took out the U disk and began to copy the works.

I stood beside and said to Ye Ze, "assistant ye, I want to say that you were not in the last semi-finals. I was the same as her works, and later it was proved that she copied me. If there is any conflict between her works and mine this time, I remember that she revised them after me."

"What do you mean! Who wants to copy from you? "

Lu Yuhan was very anxious.

I glanced at her. "I didn't say that you must copy mine this time. What are you excited about

"Of course not!"

Lu Yuhan gave me a white look and left without talking to me.

I saw that she had gone and went out, and I heard Ye Ze calling me, "Miss Qin."

"What's the matter?"

I'll look back.

Ye Ze hesitated, as if thinking about what to say.

A moment later, he said, "three judges will arrive early tomorrow morning."


I nodded and looked at Ye Ze suspiciously.

This was informed before, and I knew it for a long time.

It always seems that he wants to say something else.

But I didn't ask in the end.

When I get back to my room, Ji Qingxuan is still there holding the computer to send e-mail.

Get the work done. I'm finally OK.

I took a shower, but in the middle of it, I saw blood underground.

It's physiological time.

After I took a bath, I put on the women's things I had already prepared, put on my clothes and went out. I saw that the man had put down his computer and came to me.

He hugged me, neck close to my hair, deep suction, "good smell, want to eat."

"No way." I taut the body, hands protect their stomach, some embarrassed to say, "physiological period."

Hear these three words, Ji Qingxuan slightly frown, "still have so not sensible physiology period?"

Hold me, gently kiss the neck nest, murmur, "baby, up the pain."

"No way."

Of course not at this time.

I don't know why, I always get angry with Ji Qingxuan one second, and I have nothing to do with him the next. This kind of myself makes me a little troubled.

He took my hand and said innocently, "would you help me with your hand.

“……”"Next time I'll wait for you, I'll try my best."

Ji Qingxuan looks at me, eyebrows slightly wrinkled, eyes look not cold.

It's a bit childish.

I don't know why, so I said, "OK."

I was carried to the bed by the man and helped him with my hands under his guidance.

After the end, I frowned and shook my sour hand.

Ji Qingxuan quickly sat on the bed, picked up my hand, put it on my chest, and massaged me carefully.

He doesn't know how to massage. His strength varies.

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