I looked at him confused, just wake up, head confused.

I have no idea what he's talking about.

However, the man drew his hand, leaned over, lifted up his clothes and asked me, "what did you do with him?"

One side is going in.

At this time I did not wake up, the body astringent.

He tried hard and didn't come in.

At this moment, I instantly wake up, want to escape, but by the man with his hands to seize!

He wants to come in, I refuse, two legs force close together, scold him, "Ji Qingxuan, you are not a man, in addition to forced, there is no other ability!"

"I have no skill?"

Ji Qingxuan eyebrows frivolous, looking at me, seems to be watching a joke.

Yes, who dares to say Ji Qingxuan has no ability?

If Ji Qingxuan has no ability, then Yancheng has no man without ability.

I twisted my body, "yes, I have no ability. It's no ability to force a woman to have a relationship."

My words, like a slap on Ji Qingxuan's face.

He looked at me with a sarcastic smile.

At last, he took out his hand and hit hard on the head of the bed!

I could feel my bed shaking three times.

The man looked down at me and asked, "is it because he died that you can see your true heart and find that you love him?"

"Yes, I found out that he was the only one who was good to me after he died! At least he only loves me and treats me well