I looked at him confused, just wake up, head confused.

I have no idea what he's talking about.

However, the man drew his hand, leaned over, lifted up his clothes and asked me, "what did you do with him?"

One side is going in.

At this time I did not wake up, the body astringent.

He tried hard and didn't come in.

At this moment, I instantly wake up, want to escape, but by the man with his hands to seize!

He wants to come in, I refuse, two legs force close together, scold him, "Ji Qingxuan, you are not a man, in addition to forced, there is no other ability!"

"I have no skill?"

Ji Qingxuan eyebrows frivolous, looking at me, seems to be watching a joke.

Yes, who dares to say Ji Qingxuan has no ability?

If Ji Qingxuan has no ability, then Yancheng has no man without ability.

I twisted my body, "yes, I have no ability. It's no ability to force a woman to have a relationship."

My words, like a slap on Ji Qingxuan's face.

He looked at me with a sarcastic smile.

At last, he took out his hand and hit hard on the head of the bed!

I could feel my bed shaking three times.

The man looked down at me and asked, "is it because he died that you can see your true heart and find that you love him?"

"Yes, I found out that he was the only one who was good to me after he died! At least he only loves me and treats me well

I'm lying, and I'm not lying.

Isn't the best man for me Lu Qiaoyu?

The man listened to my answer, brow deep frown together, eyes dye also can't change the sadness.

He just looked at me and said, "I can do it, too."

"Can you?" I looked at Ji Qingxuan sarcastically, "you can never, unless one day Qin Jiameng died."

Referring to Qin Jiameng, Ji Qingxuan's hand trembled, "marriage I want to give her, in addition to everything else, I can give you."

"I don't want it! I don't want it I sat up from the bed, picked up the clothes and went to the bathroom.

In front of the bathroom, I looked back at Ji Qingxuan, "unless you return my child, or I and Qin Jiameng are enemies."

I know. My child is dead.

Never come back.

Therefore, I can never forgive Qin Jiameng.

No matter how innocent Ji Qingxuan is, he is also his accomplice. I will never believe that Qin Jiameng can do whatever he wants when I am in prison.

Maybe my words hurt him. Ji Qingxuan didn't ask me to have dinner with him the next day.

I went to the restaurant alone.

At the door of the restaurant, I saw Ye Ze. I thought about Tang Ruo. I stopped him and asked him why Tang Ruo withdrew from the competition. What's the matter with Tang Ruo.

Ye Ze helplessly shook his head, "if Tang left before I talked with her, she has no clue, and monitoring also did not take suspicious pictures."

"So you're going to drop her out? How did I get it? That's how someone framed her and wanted to win the prize. "

I didn't say Lu Yuhan directly, but as long as we know the strength of the players in this competition, we should know who I am referring to.

Ye Ze looked up at me excitedly, "Miss Qin, I know you have a good relationship with Tang Ruo, but it's better not to speculate without evidence."

"But you shouldn't let Tang Ruo quit the competition either!"

"It's Tang Ruo who wants to quit the competition. I've also advised her. She said that she has no face to stay, and I've heard from people in their company that Tang Ruo has already resigned."

I was shocked by what he said.

Have you resigned?

Don't I Miss Tang Ruo?

In the resort, we can't use our own mobile phones, so we don't even exchange numbers.

"But it's not her fault."

I frowned and didn't know how to defend her.

Ye Ze looked at me and said with a smile, "in fact, you don't have to worry about her. With Tang ruo's ability, you can get along well wherever you go. Here, even if there are no photos, it will spread all over the company. It's good for him to leave."

Yeze explained it to me carefully.

I looked at him in a daze.

On his face, he saw Lu Qiaoyu's shadow.

In fact, their appearance is totally different, just this gentle and easy-going look

"What are you doing?"

As I looked at him, a sharp voice interrupted my thoughts.

I follow the voice to see in the past, see Ji Qingxuan blustered to our direction.

I will be a building in the arms, Li Mou swept Ye Ze, coldly said, "you are fired.""Mr. Ji?"

Ye Ze's face is full of doubts.

I was also stunned. "Why did you fire him?"

Ji Qingxuan looked at me with a strong emotion in his eyes, "how? Are you angry? "

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