When the male colleagues finished, the people next to them all began to coax.

"That's right. Tang Ruo looks very conservative at ordinary times. He didn't expect to have such a good figure."

"Yes, the chest looks big and the buttocks are cocky."

"Why doesn't she come to me? I'll satisfy her if she comes to me."

Two men were talking dirty.

I couldn't listen to them. I got up and went to their table. "Someone must have hurt her. There must be monitoring in this resort. When we find out who it is, that person will be in prison."

With that, I glanced at several people, and their expressions were all the same.

I can't see for a moment who did it.

But I doubt Lu Yuhan.

When the list of the second round was released, she and Tang Ruo were the most favored by everyone.

If Tang withdraws this time, Lu Yuhan will be the champion as long as he doesn't make mistakes.

The bonus is also natural.

I'm not in the mood for lunch, either.

After a few random taps, he went back to the room.

Turn on the computer and document what Tang Ruo told me last night.

And start thinking about your work again.

Tang Ruo told me yesterday that the main purpose of this topic is not to show off skills, but to be practical.


Something new.

That's what matters.

But it's also the hardest.

Think about it from left to right, or do you want to make a family room according to the second round?

Do what you say.

I began to draw sketches, and I was busy until more than 2 p.m.

Lying down to sleep, I remember that I was too busy to go to the bathroom.

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