When the male colleagues finished, the people next to them all began to coax.

"That's right. Tang Ruo looks very conservative at ordinary times. He didn't expect to have such a good figure."

"Yes, the chest looks big and the buttocks are cocky."

"Why doesn't she come to me? I'll satisfy her if she comes to me."

Two men were talking dirty.

I couldn't listen to them. I got up and went to their table. "Someone must have hurt her. There must be monitoring in this resort. When we find out who it is, that person will be in prison."

With that, I glanced at several people, and their expressions were all the same.

I can't see for a moment who did it.

But I doubt Lu Yuhan.

When the list of the second round was released, she and Tang Ruo were the most favored by everyone.

If Tang withdraws this time, Lu Yuhan will be the champion as long as he doesn't make mistakes.

The bonus is also natural.

I'm not in the mood for lunch, either.

After a few random taps, he went back to the room.

Turn on the computer and document what Tang Ruo told me last night.

And start thinking about your work again.

Tang Ruo told me yesterday that the main purpose of this topic is not to show off skills, but to be practical.


Something new.

That's what matters.

But it's also the hardest.

Think about it from left to right, or do you want to make a family room according to the second round?

Do what you say.

I began to draw sketches, and I was busy until more than 2 p.m.

Lying down to sleep, I remember that I was too busy to go to the bathroom.

I didn't want to turn on the light, so I blackened the bathroom. Because I walked too fast, my leg touched the corner of the table, and I took a breath of air conditioning in pain.

Turn on the light.

Originally white thigh, a piece of purple.

I frown, looking at the piece of blue and purple, head flash, there is a creative!

I can make a room for the disabled!

I turned on the light and began to draw the draft again. At that moment, I was inspired enough. It took me more than four hours to draw the draft.

It's almost dawn.

I don't have the energy to eat breakfast, so I just go to sleep.

It's afternoon to wake up again.

I washed for a while. As soon as it's dinner time, I go to the restaurant and leave after dinner.

I didn't meet them.

It's only a week before the deadline.

I went back to my room and went on working, maybe because it was quiet at night and I was very focused at night.

Every time I look up again, it's already three or four o'clock in the morning.

This is the time to sleep these days.

Three days before the deadline, I worked until the early morning as usual.

When I was focusing on making 3D models on the computer, I suddenly felt that the whole person was covered by dark shadows.

I didn't realize it. The next second, I was picked up and thrown on the bed!

I saw

"What are you doing?"

It's Ji Qingxuan.

The man was dressed in pajamas with soft hair on his face. Standing in front of the bed, he looked down at me with sullen face and said, "sleep."

"I'll go to bed in a minute."

At this point, my mind is full of the half done model.

In my mind, I still plan what to do in this step and what to do next.

Said, want to get out of bed next to the computer.

Ji Qingxuan stood in front of my computer, holding a U disk in his hand, "this thing, I just plug into your computer, one second your computer will automatically initialize, all the things inside will be deleted."


This is definitely a nightmare for designers like us!

"No! Don't interrupt

My forehead is sweating.

Looking at Ji Qingxuan holding u disk hand, for fear of his impulse.

"Then go to bed. You must go to bed before 12 o'clock." Ji Qingxuan looked at me, and his expression was cold when he spoke.



I want to resist, Ji Qingxuan took the U disk manual move.

I was so scared that I lay down and looked around.

Only then realized that the man did not come in through the door, but through the fence in the yard.

"Sleep! I sleep! Don't be impulsive

I said, quickly lying flat, thinking, I first pretend to sleep, until Ji Qingxuan left, I get up again.

Then turn off the light and do it quietly, so he won't find out.

Sure enough, Ji Qingxuan looked at me lying down, nodded with satisfaction, and then took the initiative to turn off the light for me and leave.

My heart down, quietly listening to the door movement, make sure the man left, and quietly Mimi up.Quietly turn on the computer that has just entered sleep mode.

When you open the software and are ready to continue working -


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