I didn't answer, just holding Tang Ruo.

Her mood has not completely stabilized, I dare not ask what happened, also dare not move.

I'm afraid if I ask, or if I let go, Tang Ruo will pull his hair.

I just held tangruo for more than half an hour.

During this period of time, Tang ruo's eyes have been looking at the direction of the bathroom, hands constantly struggling up and down.

He also felt the position between his legs from time to time.

It seems that it's hard there.

"Tangruo, tangruo, take a bath. I'll help you."

I feel no matter how to boil, Tang ruo's body temperature can't come down, just realize that she should take a dose of medicine.

Just sitting like this, there should be no way.

Tang Ruo nodded and followed me to the bathroom. The shower opened and the warm water fell down on her, which also wet me.

Tang Ruo lowered his head and let the water pour on him, but his hands still kept touching him.

In the sound of the water, I heard her say, "Qin Jiaqi, I feel bad. Please find a man for me."

“…… Well, if you stick to it, you'll soon get better. "

Such a big resort, just a few people.

Two male colleagues, Ji Qingxuan and ye Ze, participated in the final together.

Then there are Ji Qingxuan's bodyguards.

It seems to me that she is the one who will suffer the loss in the end.

Time goes by.

I stood in the water with Tang Ruo for nearly an hour.

Tang ruo's body heat gradually subsided, his hands no longer moved, and he leaned on me like he was paralyzed.