I didn't answer, just holding Tang Ruo.

Her mood has not completely stabilized, I dare not ask what happened, also dare not move.

I'm afraid if I ask, or if I let go, Tang Ruo will pull his hair.

I just held tangruo for more than half an hour.

During this period of time, Tang ruo's eyes have been looking at the direction of the bathroom, hands constantly struggling up and down.

He also felt the position between his legs from time to time.

It seems that it's hard there.

"Tangruo, tangruo, take a bath. I'll help you."

I feel no matter how to boil, Tang ruo's body temperature can't come down, just realize that she should take a dose of medicine.

Just sitting like this, there should be no way.

Tang Ruo nodded and followed me to the bathroom. The shower opened and the warm water fell down on her, which also wet me.

Tang Ruo lowered his head and let the water pour on him, but his hands still kept touching him.

In the sound of the water, I heard her say, "Qin Jiaqi, I feel bad. Please find a man for me."

“…… Well, if you stick to it, you'll soon get better. "

Such a big resort, just a few people.

Two male colleagues, Ji Qingxuan and ye Ze, participated in the final together.

Then there are Ji Qingxuan's bodyguards.

It seems to me that she is the one who will suffer the loss in the end.

Time goes by.

I stood in the water with Tang Ruo for nearly an hour.

Tang ruo's body heat gradually subsided, his hands no longer moved, and he leaned on me like he was paralyzed.

He whispered, "thank you."

"Nothing." I know Tang ruo's medicine should be almost scattered. I hold her, turn off the water, and take a bath towel from one side to wrap her up. "Wipe your body, I'll take your clothes for you, you change them first."

It's summer now. Although it's night here, it's also very hot. As long as you change into dry clothes, your body and hair will be dry soon.

When she changed clothes, I dried myself and made her a cup of hot tea. Then I asked her, "what happened?"

Tang Ruo took the water and shook his head in confusion. "I don't know. I just remember that when I went back to the house to do the design after dinner, I suddenly felt thirsty and hot. I don't remember the following things very much."

"Then you Where did you have dinner? "

"It's in the restaurant. Everybody's basically there."

Looking at Tang ruo's depressed face, I couldn't help asking, "well, there are so many rooms, why do you go to Ji Qingxuan..."

In fact, I regret it when I finish.

What Tang Ruo said that day actually indicated her position.

Her feelings for Ji Qingxuan have gone beyond her superiors and subordinates.

Maybe this kind of medicine is to let people find their heart.

If Tang saw that I was halfway through, she had already guessed what I thought and had a wry smile. "In fact, I don't know why I went to him. It's probably my wish to go."


"But don't worry." Tang Ruo looked at me, "Ji always won't take a fancy to me. I took a look when I left. I stood in front of him naked and threw myself in arms. He didn't respond. It seems that he was really not interested."

"He is a man..."

I want to comfort Tang Ruo, but I can't help thinking of the days when I had a good relationship with Ji Qingxuan.

He was Teddy back then.

Tang Ruo looked at me, eyes bent, "you blush, what are you thinking?"


I shook my head.

Tang Ruo put his hand around me and said softly, "thank you, Qin Jiaqi. If it wasn't for you this time, I might not have the courage to continue to live."

"I'm late. If I go early, maybe I can catch up with my colleagues..."

When I say this, I can't help feeling strange.

Jiqingxuan there is an accident, will definitely inform Ye Ze.

Even if Lu Yuhan said that she saw it on the way, it is impossible for her to gather all her colleagues who participated in the finals to watch it in such a short time.


I'm a little confused.

Tang Ruo seems to have seen everything, she straightened up, a smile, "yes, I was calculated, so this final, I certainly can't participate."

"Why, it's an accident. It has nothing to do with the final."

"It's OK. You take out your work and I'll help you see it."

Tang ruo's expression is indifferent. He seems to have been open to everything for a long time, and he has no intention to continue this topic with me.

After that, I showed Tang Ruo my last sketch.

Tang Ruo shook his head.

She said a lot of questions. Although she is usually a very kind person, when she helps me to see the problems in my works, she is just a knife in the mouth.No beating around the Bush, very direct.

I want to go back and rebuild.

When she finished, I said with a sad face, "or I'll give up."

In fact, I didn't have any hope of getting a bonus.

Tang Ruo raised his hand, touched my hair, and said with a smile, "it's OK. Isn't there me?"

"You, I won't take your design!"

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