"Is there anything else like that?"

Tang Ruo was stunned.

Obviously, she didn't think of such a thing.

I wry smile, "yes."

I just admit it, but I didn't say it.

After all, all kinds of things were just a scar to me. Now this scar has been scarred to some extent, and I don't want to open it again.

Tang Ruo did not ask.

While we were sitting and neither of us spoke, footsteps came from the distance.

I looked in the direction of the voice and saw Lu Yuhan coming to us in a long dress with suspenders.

Seeing us, he sneered, "Oh, I really envy you for your leisure. I'm not the same. There are too many things to refer to and design in my works this time. Drafts alone are enough for me."

Lu Yuhan stood at the intersection and looked at me as if he was waiting for us to speak.

But I and Tang if very tacit understanding, who also did not answer the words.

She raised the corner of her mouth and said awkwardly, "Oh, I'll go first. There are still a lot of things."

Tang Ruo and I still haven't spoken.

As soon as Lu Yuhan left, I said, "last time she copied me, this time she was able to enter the finals. It's really incredible."

"That's because of Zhan Yun." Tang Ruo looks at the direction of Lu Yuhan's departure and says lightly, "Zhan Yun has strong working ability, good communication and loyalty. As long as you follow her, she won't let her people suffer."

"In fact, it's an advantage, if she's a good person."

"Yes, she's really good."

Tang Ruo told me something about Zhan Yun.

This has led to a sharp rise in my favor for Zhan Yun.

Seeing that the time is coming to noon, if Tang wants to go back to busy designing, I will say goodbye to her.