I haven't turned my head yet. I've already guessed what's going on behind me.

Turn around.

See a group of people surrounded by Ji Qingxuan.

He also had seven or eight bodyguards in black behind him.

In addition, a young man in a gray suit with curly hair was carrying a suitcase.

This is a new face.

I also thought he was coming to see us off, so I stood still.

Last time, Ji Qingxuan announced the relationship between me and him. Several managers knew it. They followed Ji Qingxuan and said a few words. One of them said, "Ji always has something to tell Miss Qin. Let's go there for security check first."

As soon as he said it, the others followed.

In an instant, there are only Ji Qingxuan and I left near here.

I turned to want to go, heard Ji Qingxuan said behind, "it's no use hiding, I'm following you."


I turn head, looking at Ji Qingxuan suspiciously, "is Ji always so idle? It's a small design competition, and you'll come with it. "

"Well, leisure."

Ji Qingxuan immediately admitted.

I have nothing to say.

"Then Ji is always idle. I'm very busy. I'll go first."

I don't know why. I'm angry when I see Ji Qingxuan.

Pulling the suitcase to change the boarding pass, we know that we are going to a tourist city in the south.

I went through security.

When I got on the plane, I found that the whole first class cabin was packed by Ji Qingxuan.

Bodyguards are sitting separately, Ji Qingxuan and the young man are sitting together.

When we went to economy class, we heard people around us talking about Ji Qingxuan's identity.