When I sent a message to Qin Zhaozhi, I saw Lu Qiaoyu's wechat portrait again.

His wechat avatar is his photo.

I've never seen a picture of him on wechat before.

Click to enlarge the picture.

I found out that it was a picture of him in college.

Wearing a clean white T-shirt and jeans, standing at the school gate.

This dress and this picture look familiar to me when I look at them.

After a careful look, I remembered that this one was taken by me for him.

We didn't know each other at that time.

He stopped me at school and said, "Xuemei, take a picture for me."

At that time, Lu Qiaoyu was already a man of the hour in our department, which can be said to be at the grass level.

I recognized him at a glance and agreed without hesitation.

After that day, we exchanged wechat.

I click to open the dialog box, the seven or eight voice messages are still lying there quietly.

I didn't have the courage to order it again.

Afraid to hear his voice.

It's like running away.

I open his circle of friends.

The first one was sent by his parents instead of him a few days ago.

The last one was four or five months ago.

It's Spring Festival.

He didn't know from which corner he took a picture of me and paid a line of words - I hope I can accompany you every year.

When I looked at the circle of friends in a daze, my mobile phone suddenly came in a call.