"You asked her to come?" Qin Zhaozhi glanced at Qin Zhaomin and his face was full of discontent.

"I didn't."

Qin Zhaomin shook his head.

He looked at me and asked, "Qin Jiaqi, what are you doing here?"

"Me?" I looked at them with alienated eyes and said, "I'll do whatever you come for!"

It seems that they want to keep it from me.


Qin Zhaomin looked at me with an unhappy face.

Seems to be trying to get rid of me.

At this time, a doctor came up with a folder, saw us and said, "is everyone here? I'll tell you when we're all here. "

Qin Zhaomin and Qin Zhaozhi took a look at me. Although there was dissatisfaction in their eyes, it was not easy to attack in front of the doctor.

The doctor opened the folder in his hand and simply read Qin Ci's admission time, coma time, and some data.

Finally, brain death was announced.

After the announcement of brain death, the doctor looked at us and said, "please go back and discuss the time to turn off the ventilator."

Turn off the ventilator, then Qin CI will die?

"I don't agree!"

I'm the first to say that.

I don't agree. I don't agree!

Lu Qiaoyu has just died. Now if Qin CI dies, he will lose two important people. I can't accept it.

Qin Zhaozhi gave me a white look. "This is the Qin family. You are not the Qin family at all. Do you have a speech here?"

"Turn off the machine, grandma will die!"

I look at Qin Zhaozhi.

"Mom died long ago, but the organs are still running! He's already a vegetable. Do you understand what a vegetable means? " Qin Zhaozhi said.

The doctor looked at us disputing blandly, just told us, "pay attention to be quiet." He left.

He must have looked down on that.

I also know what a vegetable means, but I just can't reconcile myself, "but aren't there many news that vegetable people wake up from coma for many years?"

"News?" Qin Zhaozhi immediately laughed, "do you think it's funny to say these two words yourself? If it's not rare, can it be news?"

She said, and looked at Qin Zhaomin, "brother, don't you speak? Now what's the situation of the Qin family? You know better than I do. How long can we last for tens of thousands of yuan a day and nearly a million yuan a month? "

“…… But we can't turn off the machine today. "

Qin Zhaomin was silent for a long time.

It's like a lot of determination.

But it doesn't change the ruthlessness of what he says.

"When will it be closed? I must pass this month, or I won't pay for it! "

Qin Zhaozhi put his hands around his chest like he did what he said.

Qin Zhaomin looks sad, "go back to discuss it first."

They are in front of me. It's hard to say. I will definitely stop them.

So avoid me.

Qin Jiameng watched them quarrel, and then advised, "aunt, Dad, there must be a way to get to the mountain. We are so anxious to turn off the ventilator. If grandma can really wake up, don't you regret it?"

Her words surprised me.

On second thought, not too surprised.

After all, Qin Jiameng has always been such a white lotus.

I don't know what I think in my heart. I can say it very well.

Qin Zhaomin looked at him with some impatience on his face. "If it was before, it's OK. Now you should know something about what's going on at home."

"Is, or you let you Ji Qingxuan, anyway, this small money for him, but also a drop in the bucket."

Qin Zhaozhi said sarcastic things nearby.

At the mention of Ji Qingxuan, Qin Jiameng was embarrassed, "I I'll tell him about it, but I don't think it's good. It's our family's business after all. "

"Yes, let him give the money to the Qin family. Now the Qin family is the place to use the money, so this little thing doesn't need to be taken care of."

Qin Zhaozhi said.

Her expression was taken for granted.

But I was furious.

This little thing?

Qin Ci's life, in her opinion, is such a small matter

"I'll do something about it, too."

What I say will not make them stop Qin Ci's ventilator.

All three of them looked at me with different expressions.

Qin Zhaozhi, in particular, looked like a good play and said with a smile, "OK, Qin Jiaqi, I'll wait for you to take the money."

Then he left.

Qin Zhaomin looked at me and left.

Here, I and Qin Jiameng are the only two people left.

I want to go. I hear Qin Jiameng say, "otherwise, I'd better ask Mr. Ji for some money."Stop.

I looked at her and asked, "don't you have any money yourself?"

Qin Jiameng looked a little embarrassed and shook her head. "No, I checked the bank records recently. In recent years, Mr. Ji has paid me every month. The credit card I used is also given by Mr. Ji."


Oh, I see.

Ji Qingxuan is really capable.

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