I click on the email to have a look. There are six people in the final, but the email does not disclose who these six people are.

It's just that in three days, everyone should gather at the airport and be organized by the relevant person in charge of the company.

I didn't write where I went.

But I can't manage so much. Since I've decided to go, I'll go even if it's a sea of fire.

When I was reading the email, Jiang Qin came over and hugged me from behind. "I know you are sad. People can't come back to life after death. The reason why he came here this time is that he was worried about you, so you should be better."

I lowered my head, grabbed her arm and said to her, "I told him before he left that I would not fall in love with him. Did I do something wrong? I think I should be with him..."

"Then, your feelings for him are sympathy, not love."

"But then, he will not leave with this sad mood."

"But it's still sympathy. Do you want the person you love to be with you for the rest of your life because they sympathize with you and love him?"

Jiang Qin's question, even if he does not answer, I also have the answer in my heart.

I don't want to.

Jiang Qin patted me on the shoulder, "people can't come back to life when they die. This thing can't be changed when they die for you. Take his share and live well."


I nodded.

I want to live better than I am now.

Jiang Qin will go to work tomorrow, and he won't come back for more than a month. In the evening, I cooked local food for him and fed her. We two lay in bed and talked about many things when we were children.

I didn't sleep until after midnight.

The next day, when I got up, I saw that Jiang Qin was still sleeping, so I pushed her, "are you still going?"

Jiang Qin felt the mobile phone vaguely, looked at it, and jumped up from the bed in a hurry, "why didn't you call me early?"