Lu Yuhan shouts to Lu Qiaoyu in the computer, "do you still help her now? Do you know she has an affair with Ji, the boss of our company? "

"Shut up."

Zhan Yun will know that he is wrong and doesn't want to talk about it.

But Lu Yuhan refused, "Lu Qiaoyu, didn't you ask me to help you? Who hurt your parents? I found out that the person looking for the financial operation of the account is Mr. Ji's assistant - Li Kai! You must know very well who did it

She said Li Kai, but I looked at Ji Qingxuan.

Who did it? Not only Lu Qiaoyu, but also me.

At that time, he was full of doubt. Although he was enlightened by Jiang Qin, he still had some doubts.

This will be exposed by Lu Yuhan, my heart inexplicably up disgust.

I hate Ji Qingxuan.

Lu Yuhan turned his face to me, with a grim smile on his face and a trembling fat on his face. "Qin Jiaqi, do you think Ji Zong is very insidious? I tell you, what's more insidious is that you, a senior who has been pretending to take care of you all the time!"


"Ha ha ha, you don't know! At first, Yufeng design didn't work for a while. Everyone thought it was retaliation. In the face of my relatives, I introduced my client to Lu Qiaoyu. As a result, my client told me that Yufeng design didn't take the order! "

I am very clear about what Lu Yuhan said.

At that time, I had already left Yufeng design, but angel told me that Yufeng was going to close down.

At that time, I had doubts about Ji Qingxuan

"Enough of you!"

In the computer, Lu Qiaoyu's voice came.

There was a palpable panic in his voice.

Why? I don't know.

Lu Yuhan looked at my computer and laughed horribly, "are you afraid? It's late! Don't you just want to come back with her? Then I won't let it


In the computer, when Lu Qiaoyu wanted to say something else, Ji Qingxuan had come over and shut my computer.

Eyes cold swept all the people present, hands in their pockets, word by word said, "today's events here, if spread to half a word, I will not go to trace the source, I will guarantee that all of you will never mix in this industry."

He said, and walked up to me, "let's go."

At this time, my mood is very complex, and I have no heart to say anything to Ji Qingxuan.

I can only say, "thank you, Mr. Ji."

Stride out of the conference room.

I can hear Ji Qingxuan chasing out of the voice, I speed up, to the front of the elevator, two elevators are upstairs, down for a while.

In desperation, I chose to walk from the stairwell on one side.

As soon as he entered the stairwell, Ji Qingxuan caught up with me. He held me in one hand.

I am angry, struggling to push the man away!

"Well." Ji Qingxuan stepped back and leaned against the wall, supporting his left arm with his right hand.

I just remember.

His arm is not good, although it has not been cast, and it has been broken for 100 days, it is not just good.

At this time, the man's facial features twisted together, and his expression looked very painful. He opened and leaned against the wall.

I went down two steps and didn't mean to chase me.

Can't something really happen?

Tangled for a while, I still leaned over, a hand gently hold the man's arm, "OK?"

Ji Qingxuan maintained the movement of holding his left hand with his right hand, squeezing out a word from his teeth, "pain."

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to. I forgot about the injury on your arm."

To be honest, I'm a little flustered at this time.

Take out your cell phone and try to call 120.

Ji Qingxuan raised his hand, held down my mobile phone and said in a slightly hoarse voice, "listen to me."


"Listen to me." Ji Qingxuan frowned and looked at me, "I found some clues about Li Kai before, but he followed me for a long time..."

Ji Qingxuan said that it stopped here.

The expression on his face was more painful.

I was scared and wanted to continue to call with my mobile phone, but Ji Qingxuan held my hand and continued, "and he didn't make any wrong number all the time, so I just mentioned that it really had nothing to do with me, but I'll find out and give you an explanation."

The man said, leaning against the wall, slowly squatted down.

The expression is more and more painful.

It's not really damaged, is it? I was terrified, trying to pull my hand out of his hand, while saying, "you let go, I hit 120, you can't do this."


Ji Qingxuan whispered.

I was in a hurry. I leaned over and tried to open his fingers with my fingers. But just as I got close, the man suddenly raised his arms and hugged me.I was stunned.

Then I heard the man stick to my ear and say, "just give you a hug."


"You scared the hell out of me!"

I'm so angry that I'm going to fight!

I saw the man frowned, a dull hum, right hand holding his left arm, serious said, "this time really a little pain."

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