Ji Qingxuan glanced at Zhan Yun. His eyes were light, and he was not irritated by her words.

That look, even a bit like a joke.

I can read his eyes, and Zhan Yun can read them, too. She said angrily, "Mr. Ji, I respect you, but I'm Hu Duzi. Lu Yuhan is my strong general. If I don't stand out for her, who will stand out for her?"

I admire it.

I absolutely admire Zhan Yun.

And I also understand all her actions. She absolutely believes in Lu Yuhan. That's why she is so confident here.

Compared with Lu Yuhan, this meeting's face has begun to turn white, and his expression is not natural. Standing behind Zhan Yun, he looks around.

It's obviously a sign of a guilty heart.

Ji Qingxuan looked at her and asked after a pause, "what are you going to do?"

"Fire her." Zhan Yun said, and added, "since we all belong to the Optimus group, we can't spoil a pot of soup because of a rat excrement. If Mr. Ji has an affair with her, he will keep her at home. Don't harm our whole group."

What Zhan Yun said is right.

When she finished, some managers beside her nodded.

When I listen, I just feel that it sounds familiar.

Someone once said something similar to Lu Qiaoyu

Lu Yuhan was a little nervous beside her, but now Zhan Yun helped her overthrow Ji Qingxuan's proof.

She also began to relax, echoing, "yes, we are a group."

I looked at Zhan Yun and asked her, "do you believe her so much?"

"Of course." Zhan Yun gave me a white look. Her eyes were full of contempt. She snorted coldly, "Yuhan has been with me for several years. I know her very well, but I've heard something about you since you came in."

For a moment, the scene was deadlocked.

I, Ji Qingxuan, Zhan Yun and Lu Yuhan stand in four corners.

We don't talk, and no one else dares to.

Ji Qingxuan in particular, although we have ideas in mind, but also dare not jump to a conclusion.

But Zhan Yun still said, "Mr. Ji, now the result is very clear. If it's OK, we'll go first."

Ji Qingxuan looked at me, "what's your plan?"


I don't know.

What can I do?

I can't prove that this painting is mine.

Ji Qingxuan did not acquiesce, Zhan Yun also plans to take people away.

"I can follow you like a shadow sleepwalking with light..."

Before they got to the door, my cell phone rang.

It's Lu Qiaoyu.

When I picked up the phone, I heard Lu Qiaoyu ask me, "are you still in the conference room?"


"OK, you let them all watch, then make a video call with me and invite remote assistance to my computer."

Lu Qiaoyu finished and hung up.

Although I couldn't figure out what he was going to do, I was inexplicably confident. Looking at Zhan Yun and Lu Yuhan standing at the door watching me hang up and ready to leave, I said, "Mr. Zhan, designer Lu, please wait a moment."

"Qin Jiaqi, our time is precious."

Lu Yuhan said.

This meeting, she has recognized that I can't find any evidence. She is full of air when she speaks.

"Just a moment. My friend helped me find new evidence."

I just finished, Lu Yuhan's face became a little white, looking at me, some unhappy said, "don't waste everyone's time."

"Since we've all been here and wasted so long, why should we go after a result?" I looked at the people around me. "I think everyone wants to know whose work it is."

I don't know what Lu Qiaoyu is going to do.

But I trust him 100 percent.

Lu Yuhan has already felt guilty, "we don't have so much time to accompany you."

"Sit down and we'll see what she can do."

Lu Yuhan does not want to sit, but Zhan Yun is not afraid.

She took Lu Yuhan back to her original position.

After watching the two of them sit down, I turn on the computer, connect to WiFi, and then remotely assist Lu Qiaoyu's computer.

After he agreed, there was another desktop on my computer.

It's Lu Qiaoyu's desktop.

He could also be heard.

Lu Qiaoyu first introduced himself. He just said his name. Most of them already knew him.

Lu Qiaoyu began to show three pictures on his computer.

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