Lu Yuhan began to talk about his design ideas while showing things.

Although it's different from me, it's also true.

Even some small things, I just design, she can say some of the door.

I didn't speak yet, but I felt like I had lost.

After all, although I am an author, her language organization ability and on-the-spot adaptability are all above me.

I am very clear that what I said later is definitely not as good as her.

After Lu Yuhan finished, I took out something to talk about my design concept and ideas.

I just opened the model picture, and the people below were sighing.

I think, like me, you can see that these are two identical model files.

This is not plagiarism.

It's a copy.

I talked about my design concept and ideas.

In order to win everyone's heart for myself, I also gave a brief account of my childhood experience in the orphanage.

But all this before Lu Yuhan perfect explanation, appears so pale.

When I was speaking, I already felt the change of people's expression, there were banter and disdain.

It seems that I have been identified as plagiarizing.

Mr. Zhan, in particular, didn't smile out loud, but his mouth was almost at the end of his ears.

Finally, I'm done.

After I said, "the above is all my thoughts on my work. Thank you." At the same time -

Mr. Zhan stood up and looked at the people around him, "I think it's very clear who owns this work."

When she finished, everyone began to whisper.

Lu Yuhan was even more pleased with his smile, but said, "boss, don't be like this. After all, Qin Jiaqi worked so hard to make up a design idea."

When she finished speaking, the people around her were whispering.

"Such a good work, how could it be her? It's a big face."

"No, I thought it was plagiarism. Now, she's even more shameless. She directly copied Lu Yuhan's document and added something to it, saying it's her own."

"Such a person, I think, should be dismissed."

It's not very loud around, but the conference room is so small.

I think it's hard not to hear.

This meeting, Deng Qi can't sit still, "what's the matter with you? Ah? Now you want to say that this work is yours? I shouldn't have been shamed with you

With that, he got up and wanted to go.

I got up in a hurry and said to Yuhan, "this work is mine. I don't know what method you used to copy it away, but it's mine and mine. It can't be fake!"

"Ha ha ha ha!"

As soon as I finished, Lu Yuhan laughed directly.

She was fat. When she laughed, the flesh on her body and face trembled.

When she smiles, Mr. Zhan and other people laugh with her.

Deng Qi was about to leave. When he heard everyone laughing, he came back and called me, "OK! Don't you think it's embarrassing enough? Come with me

"I'm not going." At that time, my strength was not there. Standing in the same place, I repeated, "it's mine. It's not me that is humiliating!"

At this meeting, all the people who came to listen were laughing.

I hold my hands tightly, my fingernails are pinching my palms, and my back is straight, so that I don't shrink back.

I don't want to be wronged!

Don't carry the pot.

"Assistant Li, the result is obvious. We'll go first." Mr. Zhan said to Li Kai, "our Yuhan family has many projects on hand. Customers are waiting."

Li Kai looked at me and Lu Yuhan, and said indifferently, "President Ji said that he will come later."

In a word, Zhan and Lu Yuhan sat down directly.

We also heard that Ji Qingxuan was coming, and we didn't dare to laugh so much.

Deng Qi looked at me and said in a low voice, "you've plagiarized all of them, and you're still holding Mr. Ji to speak for you?"

"I didn't..."

In fact, at this time, my mood is also a little complicated. After that day, I haven't seen Ji Qingxuan for a long time.

Now that he saw me, he didn't know what he would think.

About half an hour later.

Ji Qingxuan is here.

When he came in, all the managers, especially Mr. Zhan, crowded in front of him to say hello.

Ji Qingxuan came in and asked about the general situation.

Because everyone thought it was me who plagiarized, they began to talk about me crazily.

What words such as "shameless", "people who lost Optimus group", "scum of designers" and so on, what can be said, what can be used, how ugly, are all used in me.

Ji Qingxuan listen, although the eyes did not look at me, brow deep lock, face is also cold terrible, black eyes dyed deeply unhappy.Next to this group of managers are all elite, looking at Ji Qingxuan's mood is not good, said a few words, also dare not say.

Ji Qingxuan finally looked at me and said, "tell me about it."

"I made it."

This Ji Qing is very clear.

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