Lu Yuhan began to talk about his design ideas while showing things.

Although it's different from me, it's also true.

Even some small things, I just design, she can say some of the door.

I didn't speak yet, but I felt like I had lost.

After all, although I am an author, her language organization ability and on-the-spot adaptability are all above me.

I am very clear that what I said later is definitely not as good as her.

After Lu Yuhan finished, I took out something to talk about my design concept and ideas.

I just opened the model picture, and the people below were sighing.

I think, like me, you can see that these are two identical model files.

This is not plagiarism.

It's a copy.

I talked about my design concept and ideas.

In order to win everyone's heart for myself, I also gave a brief account of my childhood experience in the orphanage.

But all this before Lu Yuhan perfect explanation, appears so pale.

When I was speaking, I already felt the change of people's expression, there were banter and disdain.

It seems that I have been identified as plagiarizing.

Mr. Zhan, in particular, didn't smile out loud, but his mouth was almost at the end of his ears.

Finally, I'm done.

After I said, "the above is all my thoughts on my work. Thank you." At the same time -

Mr. Zhan stood up and looked at the people around him, "I think it's very clear who owns this work."