Zhan and Lu Yuhan left.

Deng Qi looked at me and said, "is this work really yours?"


I only said two words.

Deng Qi had no choice but to nod, "that's OK. You can put your work aside recently and think about how to prove that this design belongs to you. If you need my help, please come to me."

I should have come down.

When I got back to the office, my colleagues all gloated when they saw me.

Especially Cao Jing, when she saw me coming in, she leaned over happily and said, "ouch, Qin Jiaqi, why do you think you are so confused? Why can't you copy? It's a big deal. Maybe you'll be fired. No matter how big your backstage is, you won't be able to cover up. "

I ignored her.

Just sit and pack up, think about how to compress the working time recently, and then concentrate on finding the evidence that the work belongs to me.

Cao Jing saw that I ignored her, a little unhappy, "why don't you talk? Is Mr. Deng going to fire you? "

"You're noisy."

I gave her a white look.

Cao Jing was stunned for a moment, but still said, "hum, you have to be fired in a few days

She's gone, and my ears are quiet at last.

All the colleagues in the whole office were eliminated in this competition, only I kept them.

They are all in the mood of watching a good play.

I didn't bother to manage so much. I made a schedule, contacted several clients and people from the engineering department, and set a good time to start working.

If I need to see customers, or communicate with engineering department or supervision department, I will do it during the day.

Modify, or make renderings, I will do it in the evening.