When Fan Yu saw us, her eyes lit up, "Mr. Ji, you are here! Please help Meng Meng

Then he made way.

Ji Qingxuan went forward to open the bathroom door, but it was locked inside.

Clothes were strewn all over the door.

Fan Yu said, "Mengmeng must have no clothes on. I dare not let them in."

"Is it important for your daughter to be seen naked, or for her life?"

I'll make it straight.

It's not that I pity Qin Jiameng.

But I think Fan Yu's logic is moving.

However, I also realized that the things in the door might be the situation laid by Fan Yu, Qin Jiameng and Qin Zhaomin.

Inside is what they want us to see.

Ji Qingxuan pushed the door, "where's the key?"

"There's no key to this door. There's a lock inside. If it's locked inside, you can only kick it hard."

I said, I know so much because this room was mine before.

The lock is broken. No one has ever repaired it.

Fan Yu nodded in embarrassment.

Standing outside, we could hear the rustling sound and the faint cry inside, indicating that Qin Jiameng was still alive.

No suicide.

No wonder Fan Yu is not in a hurry.

"Kick it open quickly, we're all in a hurry. We'll let Mengmeng open the door, and she won't open it either!"

Fan Yu urges Ji Qingxuan to open the door.

Ji Qingxuan glanced at her and said faintly, "I think you know what's going on inside. Since you've played for so long, it's impossible for me not to kick in."

As soon as he said this, Fan Yu turned pale.

Hand unconsciously stroked the hair.

This is an unconscious action of people's guilty heart.

Before she spoke, Ji Qingxuan called out, "I kicked the door!"

Step back and kick on the door!

The door fell with a bang.

All the scenes inside show up.

I took a look and almost fainted.

What I see is blood all over the ground. Qin Jiameng seems to be naked, but it doesn't seem to be because her skin, arms and chest are all red.

Maybe that's not skin anymore.

She holds a steel ball in her hand and is brushing her body desperately

Eyes focus on the skin of the body.

The kicking of the door didn't seem to distract her.


Fan Yu saw this scene and fainted on the spot!

I came forward and grabbed Qin Jiameng's hand, "don't wipe it!"

Qin Jiameng seemed to notice that someone came in. She gave me a dull look and then looked up at Ji Qingxuan with a silly smile. "Mr. Ji, I know why you don't admit our marriage. Don't worry. I'll wipe off this skin and I'll be clean again."

She said, regardless of my obstruction, continue to move.

I saw the wire on the wire ball rub on the skin, with blood, with dander, with meat!

"Don't wipe it."

I tried to stop her, but she was too strong.

Ji Qingxuan doesn't seem to be able to look down. She takes off her suit and leans down to take off the wire ball in her hand, which is still on the ground.

Put the suit over her, pick her up and say, "don't wipe it. I'll take you to the hospital."

"I don't..." Qin Jiameng looked at Ji Qingxuan, tears rustle down, "I'm not clean, so you don't want me, right? I saw it all on the Internet. "

"No, it's not..."

Ji Qingxuan looking at Qin Jiameng, that pair of black eyes, full of heartache.

It's hard to cover.

I stood in the same place, suddenly felt that somewhere in my heart was hollowed out.

Before all was set up out of the beautiful, as if all of a sudden disappeared.

I just stood and watched Ji Qingxuan take Qin Jiameng out.

It's like the last time I was on the roof.

I watched Ji Qingxuan take Qin Jiameng down from the roof.

Only this time, I was more desperate.

Qin Zhaomin looked at me and said nothing.

Ji Qingxuan took Qin Jiameng to the ambulance and didn't look at me from the beginning to the end.

His eyes are full of Qin Jiameng.

Is it a costume?

Is it bitter meat?

I don't know.

If it's pretending, it's bitter meat, then Qin Jiameng is too powerful.

Really hard on yourself.

But what about that? Ji Qingxuan is not or she got it?

The doctor carried Fan Yu to the ambulance, and Qin Zhaomin followed.I was the only one left at the busy gate just now.

My heart hurts.

I think Qin Jiameng succeeded again this time.

I went back to Ji Qingxuan's home to get the computer.

When the servant saw me, he called out, "Ma'am."

I give her a smile, "I'm not a lady, you call me Miss Qin, lady is someone else."

I said, holding the computer, my things left.

After that day, I have no news of Qin Jiameng or Ji Qingxuan.

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