"Jiaqi." Qin Jiameng took my hand and asked sincerely, "can you tell me what happened in the past three years?"

"Want to know?"

I looked at her suspiciously.

I don't know if she is sincere, or if she is trying to set me up

"Well, I want to know!" Qin Jiameng took me, just like a good sister before, "I asked my mother and father, but they refused to tell me. They just said that I didn't marry Mr. Ji..."

In fact, Qin Jiameng is more like a good sister now.

Or she really lost her memory.

Or her acting is better than before.

I thought about it and asked her, "then tell me first, why do you think you will marry Ji Qingxuan? After all, you know each other just before you get married. "

"We We've known each other since we were very young! "

Qin Jiameng looked at me innocently.

"Very young? Why don't I know? Tell me about it

I'd like to know why Ji Qingxuan and Qin Jiameng have to be entangled.

Qin Jiameng seems to have been stopped by my question.

Looking at me, empty eyes, seems to be thinking.

But soon she squatted down in pain, "my head hurts so much It hurts... "

"Are you all right?"

I squatted down to see if she was pretending.

Qin Jiameng's eyes were full of tears, her hands covered her head, and her body seemed to be shaking and in pain.

True or false.

I called an ambulance.

While waiting for the ambulance, Cao Jing came out, saw Qin Jiameng and said, "Qin Jiaqi, isn't this your sister who is the wife of President Ji?"


As soon as she said, Qin Jiameng, who was still in pain for the last second, suddenly raised her head.

Grab her. "What are you talking about? Whose president's wife am I? "