"No way!" Qin Jiameng cried even more, "even if I lost the memory of these three years, but the previous memory I was intact, I did not forget, I did not remember wrong!"

At this point, she could hardly cry!

As she cried, she covered the gauze on her head with her hand. "Wuwu, my head hurts so much. I'm sure I can't remember it wrong. You must have said..."

Qin Jiameng cried very hard, and her cry rang in the whole corridor.

Finally the nurse came.

A look at this situation, immediately unhappy, "the patient just woke up, the situation is unstable, you do not stimulate her!"


Fan Yu's face was full of regret.

The nurse went in to have a look at Qin Jiameng's situation and said discontentedly, "you go, don't stay here."

All three of us were kicked out.

After coming out, Fan Yu scolded me all the time, "Qin Jiaqi, you hurt my dream so miserably! Now that she has finally lost her memory, why do you collude with Mr. Ji to say these things? "

"Or what?" I don't understand looking at Fan Yu, "said you in order to calculate my hand stock, by the way let me be driven out of the Qin family, joint design hand in hand for marriage?"? As a result, Ji Qingxuan not only fell in love with me, but also fell in love with me? "


"Isn't that worse?"

I sneer.