All the airbags of the whole car came out. The man was wrapped in the airbags and didn't move.

"Ji Qingxuan!"

I was so scared that I rushed to Ji Qingxuan's door.

The man is sitting so straight, eyes closed, the body, the airbag is blood, I don't know where the blood.

Seeing this scene, my heart was strangled by a hand.

It hurts.

I love you so much!

But I dare not move, I am afraid I move, Ji Qingxuan will have a problem.

Fortunately, in front of the hospital, several doctors pushed the mobile bed out.

At this time, Qin Zhaomin and Qin Zhaozhi all came.

Qin Jiameng's car is more serious than Ji Qingxuan's. The airbags come out, there is blood inside, and the front of the car is seriously deformed.

When she was lifted out, her face was obviously covered with blood, and a large wound on her forehead was very obvious.

I watched Ji Qingxuan was carried in, want to follow in, but was stopped by Qin Zhaomin.

He grabbed my arm and stared at me fiercely, "Qin Jiaqi, if there is something wrong in my dream! You're done! "

"Mr. Qin, please come here."

I glanced at Qin Zhaomin and went on.

Ji Qingxuan and Qin Jiameng were sent to the rescue room.

Soon, Ji Qingxuan where the rescue room lights out, I quickly stand up, see the man was pushed out.

When I passed by, I saw that Ji Qingxuan's eyes had slightly opened, and his left hand was fixed by several boards.

When he saw me, he said with a smile, "little things."

In a word, let my heart almost collapse!