Because I went to see song Yiran in the afternoon, some work was shelved, and I finished all the work.

When I looked up again, the day outside had changed from the day before to the evening.

Although we can't see the sun from this angle of the office, we can see the golden sunset in the sky.

I looked down. It's early 7 o'clock and it's more than an hour after work.

Clock in and out.

I stand in the elevator, planning to have dinner in the evening, go home to take a bath, then take my notebook to the hospital to see Qin Ci, and then continue to do the design work.

When the elevator opened, I thought of the man.

Ji Qingxuan.

Should he go?

I must have left.

I guess he can't be here for more than two hours.

I walked out with my bag. As soon as I got to the door, I saw the black car parked there.

It's just that no windows are closed.

Ji Qingxuan was not seen around.

Maybe the same car?

When I comforted myself, I saw the door open and Ji Qingxuan got out of the car.

I'm still wearing the afternoon suit.

He's been waiting for me here for two hours?

I was in a trance for a while. I thought that a long time ago, I was still Mrs. Ji. That day, Lu Qiaoyu drank until he had stomach bleeding. Ji Qingxuan accompanied me to take him to the hospital.

I spent the night with Lu Qiaoyu in the hospital.

When I came out, I saw Ji Qingxuan waiting for me in the car.

He waited for me all night.

When I was distracted, the man had come to me, and his thin lips tilted slightly to one side, looking at me, "what do you think? I'll take you to what you want to eat in the evening