This car belongs to Ji Qingxuan.

I remember that Ji Qingxuan first bought him and Qin Jiameng a wedding house. There are many sports cars in the basement.

But he never drives it.

Yizian saw that I didn't move, and then he said, "you're a common citizen. You should be very good at this kind of thing. Please help me or scare her!"

I think yizian's EQ is negative.

Ask for help, talk like this.

I gave him a white look and said, "no help."

And then we're ready to go.

"No, no! I can't give you money! Five hundred thousand! how! You take care of this, I'll give you half a million! "

Yizian took me with one hand and said.

The onlookers were stunned.

"Half a million?"

"God, rich people are different."

And the old lady who wronged yizian, when she heard that yizian wanted to give me 500000 yuan and let me solve her, immediately cried out, "Oh, come and see, there are some unreasonable people here! I hit my old lady's leg. I want to run without money! "

He did not hold yizian in his hand.

At this meeting, we all know that the old lady is a porcelain bumper.

I took out my mobile phone and started recording directly. While recording, I said to yizian, "500000? If you get in the car now, you'll lose two million if you push the accelerator. "

"What?! This... "

Looking at yizian to say something else, I immediately winked at him.

Although yizian's EQ was low, his brain was still good.

"I see," he said! I get it

Then he got into the car.

I stepped back and pushed back the onlookers, asking them to leave Yizi an a way out.

The old lady sat in front of the car and looked at the front of the car. She was a little confused for a moment.