"Girlfriends and girlfriends."

I faint smile, covering the heart of the guilty.


Lu Qiaoyu looked at me with disbelief in his eyes.

I hesitated for a moment, and finally returned to his firm eyes and said, "really, what can I do to deceive you? He is very good to me, and I'm living very well now"

Lu Qiaoyu's brows were deeply twisted together, and a pair of clear eyes looked at me.

No words, but I have some guilty, but still added, "really, I am now very good, especially good."

With that, he took back his hand and got off the subway station.

I know that this lie is like a piece of paper, which will be broken as soon as it is poked.

But there was no choice.

Because I don't deserve Lu Qiaoyu's kindness to me.

Life goes on. After that day, Lu Qiaoyu seems to have gone back. I have never seen him.

Ten days later, about my case, the first trial was held.

Qin Zhaomin sat in the plaintiff's seat, while I sat in the defendant's seat.

The case is in session.

I met Peng Xinzheng, who was arrested by the police after the accident.

He insisted in court that it was I who gave him the money to cause the accident on purpose.

Fortunately, song Yiran found Peng Xinzheng's industry blemish before, which made his testimony invalid. Later, he just talked about his family and settled the first instance easily.

When song Yiran and I just walked out of the referee hall, we met Qin Jiameng who had been sitting in the auditorium.

She stood in front of me, looked at Song Yiran and sneered, "Qin Jiaqi, in order to win the lawsuit, you are willing to go to bed with anyone."

"What? Lose a lawsuit, don't look for the reason on oneself? Have you come here to open a brain hole? "

I gave Qin Jiameng a white look.

To tell you the truth, I used to think that there was a person who looked the same as me in the world and was very happy.

But now I see her, I just feel disgusted.

Qin Jiameng's eyes were on Song Yiran, and immediately changed into a harmless face. "Lawyer song, you can be careful about the person around you. She has a lot of thoughts."

"Is it?" Just as I wanted to explain to song Yiran, song Yiran spoke first.

He looked at Qin Jiameng indifferently and took out a black pen from his pocket. "I have recorded what you said just now. If necessary, I will directly sue you for defamation and damage Qin Jiameng's personal reputation."


Qin Jiameng didn't expect that song Yiran still had this skill.

White face!

I didn't dare to say a word more, so I left directly.

"Thank you." I look at Song Yiran gratefully.

He waved his pen and said with a smile, "I lied to her. It's just an ordinary pen."

When we got out of the court, I watched Qin Jiameng get on the bus and leave. It suddenly occurred to me that during Qin Ci's hospitalization, there was a time bag that was not with me.

That's when Qin Jiameng jumped from a building.

I told song Yiran about it. He asked the specific time, recorded it and left first.

I went back to work, went home from work, changed my clothes, took a bath, went to the hospital to see Qin Ci, and stayed there at night to do the design.

I didn't hand in my final draft until an hour before the deadline for the preliminary design contest.

A week later, the results came out.

There is a special online design competition. When I went up to check, I found that I was 52, but only the top 50 in the preliminary competition.

Although I am not very satisfied with my work, I know I may not pass the preliminary competition.

However, when I saw that I was only two places behind, I was somewhat lost.

I was in the office.

I heard many colleagues congratulating Cao Jing. I turned up and found that Cao Jing was 32.

When I was paying attention to her ranking, Cao Jing came to me, looked at my website and said with a smile, "Qin Jiaqi, I usually see you pick up the most frequently, and some customers wrote to the company saying that your design is good, how can you not even have a preliminary contest?"

"The skill is inferior to others."

I only said four words.

I don't want to use these as excuses about lawsuits and grandma's illness.

"Ha ha ha, you really know yourself." Cao Jing smiles and returns to his position.

After a while, I received a text message from Lu Qiaoyu, "I saw the results of the preliminary match. I'm sorry, I didn't give you the correct guidance, so you didn't enter the second round. 】

Lu Qiaoyu is always like this.

It's obviously my own problem, but he takes the reason to him.

Anyway, the design competition is over, and I don't have to stay up late any more.

However, just three days after the good day, the design competition was announced again.

Because through the preliminary competition of the top 50 contestants, there are two people's design, was found to have a large area of elements plagiarized the works of some famous designers.He was disqualified from the competition.

Originally in 52, I became 50.

Among the two disqualified people, one is Cao Jing.

As soon as this incident happened, the people who used to flatter Cao Jing in the office got together again.

"I said, we did not choose, how she entered, but also 32, it is copied."

"Yes, we used to praise her symbolically. Look at her face."

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