At that time, I was a little unhappy.

I've found so many lawyers, and everyone's response is to believe me and defend me from the starting point of "I'm not guilty".

And Ge Wenbin actually thinks that "I'm guilty" and how to cover it up for me.

It makes me think he's unreliable.

I got up and said, "I think there's something wrong with my communication with you. I'd better find someone else for this case."

Then he got up and left.

"Oh, no, no!" Ge Wenbin immediately stopped me and said with a smile, "in fact, if you are willing to give more money besides compensation, I don't want to be in trouble."

Looking at the way he smiles, I immediately feel that GE Wenbin's view is unreliable.

I'll tell you the truth, "lawyer Ge, to tell you the truth, my financial condition is not rich. Besides the compensation, I really don't have much money for you."

"No money?" On hearing this, Ge Wenbin said to me with a well-known expression, "you don't have to hide it from me. I know everything about the upper class of Yancheng. You and your brother-in-law have nothing to do with it. You can understand it yourself."

"My brother-in-law?"

"Yes, Mr. Qingtian, Ji Qingxuan." Ge Wenbin leaned his head over and whispered, "so, this case is troublesome, but if you ask him for some money, won't you be able to fight the lawsuit?"

I didn't expect Ge Wenbin to know all about it.

It's a pity that he really miscalculated.

I looked at GE Wenbin, who thought he had caught a big fish, and sneered, "lawyer Ge, if I really have that kind of relationship with him, I'll go directly to his lawyer team. I need to trouble Jiang Qin, and then I'll find you?"


I see Ge Wenbin speechless, sneer, "lawyer Ge, your IQ, I'd better find someone else."

With that, go straight away.

Behind him, I heard Ge Wenbin's displeased voice, "it's just a small three, what's high IQ!"

I'm too lazy to argue with him.

However, as soon as I got to the lobby of the law firm and was ready to go out, I saw a person at the front desk.

The man saw me and cried, "Qin Jiaqi."

"Brother Ji, why are you here?"

It's Ji Zhaoming.

Ji Zhaoming walked up to me with a friendly smile on his face. "Recently, I met a bit of medical trouble. The legal adviser of our hospital is here."

"Are you looking for a legal adviser?"

I was a bit surprised.

It's not always the legal adviser who goes to the employer. No employer comes to the legal adviser.

Ji Zhaoming nodded, "yes, he is busy, so I have to come here."

I immediately felt that this legal adviser should not be Ge Wenbin, right?

Ji Zhaoming is a good-natured and talkative man, so I bully him.

Or the lawyers in the whole 3K law firm are unreliable.

When I was daydreaming, someone behind me teased, "Zhaoming, don't blackmail me."

Ji Zhaoming looked at my back and said with a smile, "tell the truth."

I looked back and saw a man standing at the door of the middle office behind me.

His hair is a little sparse. He may look bigger than Ji Zhaoming. He's in his 40s, but he's in good spirits. He's not as big as GE Wenbin.

Ji Zhaoming shook hands with him, then turned around and asked me, "Qin Jiaqi, what are you here for? Do you need a lawyer? May I introduce you? "


At that time, I hesitated, but I thought that I had not found a lawyer yet. If Ji Zhaoming introduced me, I could get a discount, right?

I had the cheek to say, "yes, I haven't found it yet."

Ji Zhaoming asked me to go in, and I learned that the lawyer's name was song Yiran, and he was the ace lawyer of the firm.

After entering, I just gave song Yiran a brief account of the situation, and he nodded, "no problem, I can take this case."

"That lawyer's fee..." I didn't expect that song Yiran agreed.

I'm really afraid that he will give me a sky high price.

Song Yiran didn't speak, Ji Zhaoming said first, "I give you so much money every year, and I haven't used you several times. This is only our hospital."

"How is that going to work?" First of all, I said, "what I can give you is that I may not be able to take out so much at once, but I can pay by instalments."

I asked a very good lawyer before, and some said that in addition to the compensation, there was no price.

At least a hundred thousand, at most hundreds of thousands.

I'm afraid it won't be cheap.

Song Yiran took a look at Ji Zhaoming, hesitated for a moment, and then said, "I saw you speak for a woman for the first time. OK, it seems that you're an old bachelor. I'll be your single this time."

When I wanted to oppose it, Ji Zhaoming and song Yiran threw it out with the saying "something to talk about".After going out, I plan to thank Ji Zhaoming and give him a gift after the case is over.

The lawyer's business has been settled. I thought I could finally settle down to the design competition.

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