It was so dark that I didn't recognize who it was.

Just when I wanted to ask who you are, that person took a step forward.

I was full of question marks and said, "yizian?"

How could it be him?!

"Why? You think I like to pick you up most of the night! "

Yizian looked at me with the same expression as I looked at him. He took out the car key, pressed the high-end sports car not far away, and said, "get on the car quickly. I'll have a game later."

"Thank you. I'll just go back myself."

I have a bad impression of yizian, and I don't want to be with him.

Yizian didn't pay any attention to me at the beginning. I got on the bus by myself. I wanted to take a taxi at the intersection. Yizian's sports car stopped in front of me with the roaring sound of the engine and said, "don't talk nonsense, get on the bus quickly! If my elder brother hadn't asked me to pick you up, do you think I would come? "

Ji Qingxuan?

Realizing that it was him made me feel tight.

Hesitated for a moment, or sat on the co pilot.

As soon as he got on the bus, yizian's phone rang.

Yizian took a look and picked it up. I heard him say, "yes, your ancestor is not willing to go with me. I wish I could ask her."


I took a look at yizian.

How can this man be like this!

Before expressing his opinion, the man threw his mobile phone directly at me and said, "answer the phone."

Then, start the car, a foot accelerator, the car "fly" out!

I looked at the mobile phone on my leg and hesitated for a moment. I felt that I really wanted to talk to Ji Qingxuan about this.

I picked up the phone and said, "hello."

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