The nurse looked at me and shook her head nervously. "I don't know if I want to send blood."

Then, without waiting for me to ask again, I trotted away.

Nurse's behavior, let me really start to doubt, grandma's operation is not a problem!

I stood at the door and did not dare to leave for a moment.

About eight hours later.

The sunlight outside the window is already orange.

Finally, the light in the operating room went out, the door opened, and Qin Ci was pushed out of the bed.

"Grandma I'll run to it!

Qin Ci's eyes were closed on the bed.

Peng Xinzheng came out from one side. Although there was no blood on his clothes, there seemed to be blood on his face, even on his hair!

"Dr. Peng, how is my grandmother's operation? Is it successful?" I asked nervously.

Peng Xinzheng looked at me, tired face, "because the patient is old, the operation out of some small problems, but have been solved, the operation is successful."

"When will my grandmother wake up?"

I listen to what Peng Xinzheng said, and it seems that he has something to hide from me.

"Because of excessive blood loss, the patient may be in a coma for a short time. As for when he can wake up, it depends on the patient himself." Peng Xinzheng finished, bowed to me and left.

The nurse pushed Qin CI away.

I'll follow you.

Qin Ci was transferred to the ICU ward.

At this time, Qin Zhaomin and Qin Zhaozhi both came and kept pulling the nurse to ask, "how is my mother?"

The nurse told them the situation just now.