I quickly hid.

Some wonder, just didn't see Qin Zhaozhi's shadow, how can she be here?

Then I heard Qin Zhaozhi say, "I just inquired about my niece's jumping off a building. As a result, my mother was angry again. This time, she might not be able to do it."

At this moment, I remember what happened before. I picked up my mobile phone and began to record.

From the last phone call, it is obvious that Qin Zhaozhi is making a false will.

If grandma really had an accident, then what would happen is still unknown.

Later, Qin Zhaozhi talked about the false will on the phone. He also said that the distribution of shares and assets should not be too biased, otherwise it would be easy for people to suspect.

In fact, I don't like Qin Zhaozhi and Qin Zhaomin, but in contrast, I hope Qin Zhaozhi will take more property.

After she called and left, I went back to the inpatient department.

This meeting, Qin CI is still in ICU, there is no one outside.

Qin Zhaozhi and Qin Zhaomin are not here.

It seems that when grandma is in a coma, they don't even want to do it.

However, after a while, Qin Zhaozhi came. When she saw me, she didn't speak. She just looked outside.

I think Ji Qingxuan is still in the hospital. In order to avoid the embarrassment of meeting him, I left first.

It's Monday in the twinkling of an eye.

The notice about the design contest was sent to a related website.

In order to call on everyone to sign up, the company also made a special mobilization at the weekly meeting.

This competition, 6 decoration companies of Optimus plus several studios will participate.

Although there are only rules for the preliminary and the second round, there is not a word about the rules for the final.

But I feel vaguely that Ji Qingxuan will come to the final in person.

Now I just want to be an ordinary employee under him, and I don't want to have anything to do with him.