Every word he said about me was resounding.

Around, Fan Yu, Qin Jiameng, Qin Zhaomin, are fried!

Especially in the fence side of Qin Jiameng, looking at my eyes full of jealousy and hate.

Her face, I wish I could come here now and kill me.

When I hesitated how to answer him, I heard another voice coming from the rooftop, "let me go up, let me go up, little dream, my baby granddaughter."

This voice


I turned my head and saw Qin CI standing at the door.

And there was no one to support her!

I shake off Ji Qingxuan, grab my arm's hand, step up, will qinci hold.

At the same time, I took a look in the direction of the access to the roof.

A figure in a white coat just left.

Qin Ci was held by me, and the whole person leaned on me. He was very weak, but when he saw Qin Jiameng in the distance, his arm trembled and stretched out, "little dream, come down, good."

"No, grandma, I have no face to live in this world."

Qin Jiameng said, tears in her eyes.

However, I can't read sadness and accident from her face, let alone worry about Qin CI.

It's like Qin CI is just a prop she uses.

Qin CI grabbed my hand and kept shaking, "little dream, little dream, don't scare grandma."

As she spoke, her breathing was clearly difficult to hear.

I was scared, "grandma, grandma, you go down to have a rest first, and leave it to us here!"

I said, trying to help Qin CI leave.

But Qin CI grabbed the wall with one hand and said, "no, I won't go. I have to watch my little dream come down."

I know that she won't let you believe in Qin Jiameng.

Helpless, I can only shout to Qin Jiameng, "Qin Jiameng, you come down!"

"No, I don't, I'm sullied, the child is gone, Qingxuan doesn't want me, I don't have any hope to live." She said, "Jiaqi, you should take good care of grandma and my parents for me."

With that, I want to jump again.

"No, little dream!"

Qin cigang didn't know. Seeing Qin Jiameng like this, he was so scared that he wanted to go forward.

But she was so weak that she began to get cold.

I was so scared that I said to Ji Qingxuan, "call the doctor, call the doctor!"

Ji Qingxuan immediately asks Li Kai to call a doctor.

This meeting, Fan Yu seizes the opportunity, "Ji Zong, you promise to marry Xiaomeng, we don't ask for anything, just ask her to live!"

As Qin Jiameng said just now, the first two things she lost are untraceable, but the third one, Ji Qingxuan, is here.

Qin CI listened, looked at Ji Qingxuan and looked at me.

Hesitated for a long time, difficult mouth, "Xiaoqi, you let Ji Qingxuan bring down the little dream."

Qin CI spoke.

Isn't that what Qin Jiameng wants?

Qin Jiameng stood there, the wind was strong, and her whole body seemed to be crumbling, but when she heard Qin Ci's words, Qin Jiameng quickly said, "no, I want him to promise to marry me, promise him not to leave me, except Ji Qingxuan, I have nothing to ask for in my life."

"No way."

This meeting, nobody talks, Ji Qingxuan refuses first.

Qin Jiameng squatted down, then sat on the edge of the roof a little bit, looked back at us and said, "I know, goodbye..."

"No! Don't jump

Qin Ci's breathing became more and more difficult and his face turned pale.

There were three doctors at the meeting, one of them with a stretcher.

But Qin CI refused to let the doctor touch her. Instead, he said to Ji Qingxuan, "I know your feelings with Xiao Qi, but Xiao Meng's life is also very important. Please, marry her."

Finally, Qin CI also said the word "beg".

She said and looked at me, "Xiaoqi, grandma also begged you, you let Ji Qingxuan promise, later Grandma will find a good family for you."

At this time, Qin Ci, who was lying in my arms, was very, very weak.

She had one hand over her heart.

I am really afraid that she has a weakness, helpless, can only nod, "good, grandma, I promise, you say what I promise, as long as you follow the doctor now."

"Old man, you must go back to the ward immediately, or you will be in danger."

The doctor also said.

I'm afraid that something will happen to Qin Ci, so I can only look up and ask Ji Qingxuan, "Mr. Ji, please marry my sister."

As soon as I spoke, I didn't know why, tears fell down my eyes.

Completely out of control.

No consciousness.

When I felt the heat and humidity on my cheeks, I realized I was crying.Ji Qingxuan looked at me, black eyes as if brewing something, he stretched out his hand, a little bit wiped off the tears in my eyes.

I didn't say anything for a long time.

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