Ji Qingxuan just stood there, and Fan Yu cried hysterically over there, "my dream is for you. Now the child is gone, and it's sullied, and the whole network knows it! You don't want to just forget it! "

Ji Qingxuan doesn't talk.

He looked at Fan Yu and Qin Jiameng in the distance.

Qin Jiameng is still holding the railing, and doesn't want to jump down at all.

Qin Zhaomin grabbed Fan Yu, but said to Ji Qingxuan, "Mr. Ji, if you don't give an account of my daughter's current situation, even if she doesn't jump today, it's a matter of time."

Although Qin Zhaomin has a temper, he can bully him.

Like me.

For Ji Qingxuan, he has no temper at all.

Now that Qin Jiameng has suffered such a big loss, his life can be said to be gloomy, but his attitude has not changed.

It seems that he is talking about a business with Ji Qingxuan.

"If you don't marry her, if my daughter has any problems, I'll go to your company every day. If we don't live well, you can't think about it!"

Fan Yu was stopped two meters away from Ji Qingxuan and scolded.

I stand in the side, can see her saliva flying in the air.

Her love for Qin Jiameng is really a mother daughter relationship.

Hearing this, Ji Qingxuan finally had a little reaction. He looked at Fan Yu, frowned slightly, but soon spread out again. His black eyes stared at her and asked, "say it, how much is it?"

Fan Yu is stunned!

I didn't say anything for a moment.

But the expression on the face is ever-changing, there are joy, tangle and hesitation.

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