In the middle of Cao Jing's words, other colleagues said, "did you move your hand?"

"Yes, what's the relationship between you and Mr. Ji?"

"If your sister is sullied by a gangster, won't she be uncompetitive to you?"

Colleagues, you say a word, I say a word.

Everyone's mood is the same, but the attitude is to watch good plays and gossip.

Cao Jing, in particular, knew that Qin Jiameng had come to Chen Hui and wronged me, and that Chen Hui's wife had laid a corpse at the door of the company.

Most of the people who designed in Yufeng at that time had a bad impression on me.

Including her.

Looking at these people, I said word by word, "my relationship with Qin Jiameng's fiance, our general manager Ji, is the same as all of you and him."

What I said is a little roundabout.

But it's clear.

"But before you mixed high concentration formaldehyde into his studio, you had a problem with her, didn't you?"

Cao Jing is reluctant.

"I have a problem with her, but it has nothing to do with me whether it's formaldehyde or this time." I looked at her and said calmly, "even if it's a big holiday, I won't do anything to find someone to rape her."

Then I sat down.

Stop talking to them.

However, since then, I have been looking up the posts about Qin Jiameng on the Internet.

I found that Qin Jiameng seems to have fled to a rural family in the middle of the night and asked them to help call the police.

Then, the farmer's son, who had just turned 16, saw Qin Jiameng and took some pictures.

It's on the Internet.

It's just been exposed.

I told Cao Jing and my colleagues what I would not do.

They are suspicious.

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