At that time, I was falsely accused of pushing Qin Jiameng down the mountain. At that time, Deng ChuChu came to me and said that there was a place in the marriage room that needed to be modified.

After I went, I met Qin Jiameng.

Later, Qin Jiameng disappeared. Deng ChuChu didn't testify for me. I didn't have a witness

I can't help but feel nervous when I think about it.

The police didn't seem to see my abnormality and nodded, "then you can call them. It's better to explain to them face to face."


I said, and I took out my cell phone.

But just want to dial, hand slip, mobile phone "pa" sound fell on the ground.

Even I didn't pay attention to it. When I thought about it a few years ago, my palms were sweating.

I quickly wiped the palm of my hand on my clothes and lowered my head to pick up my mobile phone.

"What's the matter?"

The policeman asked me.

"Nothing." I shook my head and found Jiao Jie and Zuo Meng in the phone.

After watching for a while, I finally decided to call Jiao Jie.

I press the dial key.

The phone began to enter the waiting tone.

At this time, my heart is pounding, for fear of any more problems.

I called for a minute, but no one answered.

I was a little flustered for a moment.

Then I hit Zuo Meng again.

Still no one answers!

"I, I, I..." My heart fell into the incomparable confusion, "they picked me up to the western restaurant, and they came to the community to pick me up. We have monitoring in the community, and we can definitely find it!"

I said excitedly.

The police look at me, but from the previous routine, become a little suspicious.