I have a sore nose.

While covering his nose, he could not help complaining, "no eyes, go behind people!"

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry."

When I knead my nose painfully, I heard a soft voice like water.

The moment I heard the sound, my mood seemed to be cured.

I looked up just to say "forget it". When I saw the two people in front of me, I felt a chill behind me.

It's Ji Qingxuan and the woman who chose diamond ring just now.

"Ji Mr. Ji said I filtered the address and chose the safest one.

Just, when I speak, Ji Qingxuan's face seems to have changed.

The woman next to him looked at him and asked, "do you know him?"



Ji Qingxuan and I answered together.

I'm denying it, he's admitting it.

Ji Qingxuan looked at my face more and more ugly.

The woman seemed to understand something and said with a smile, "do you have something to talk about? Then I'll avoid it

Say, want to go to one side.

Ji Qingxuan didn't move, but I was nervous first, and quickly called the woman, "no, no! Ji is always the big boss of my company. What can I say to him? "

The woman stopped and looked at me. She saw Ji Qingxuan and asked, "are you sure?"

"Sure!" I nodded desperately, "goodbye, Mr. Ji!"

Then he ran away.

Wait until a shop corner, I just stop, probe to see, Ji Qingxuan and the woman standing in front of the car seems to say something.

Soon after that, I got on the bus.